Monday, October 24, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Visit

Chuck’s folks live full time in an RV and by August they decided to be done with this awful record setting summer and head Northward. I would’ve joined them in a heartbeat if my house had wheels!!  It was a smart move, seeing as how we shattered the previous record of 69 days of 100+ degree temps.  The current record for this year: 90 days!  And since it’s late October, I hope we’re finally done with those.

So what to do with a summer of blistering heat? Swim, swim, and swim some more!  But first, we soaked up the a/c and played cards! Charlie loves Uno!


And though I have no photo for it, Mom and Dad had recently gotten into playing “Hand and foot.” It was really fun (and the girls won!! Yay!).

Now, on to the swimming part…


A little video of Charlie’s favorite part of swim time:

And my attempt at a group photo – I’ve got to get better at getting the boys to take a picture…


Thanks for visiting, y’all! I hope you’re still having a blast in Colorado/New Mexico!

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