Thursday, September 1, 2011

This is what 70 years of marriage looks like.

I have some amazing neighbors. When we moved in, Mr. and Mrs. Sims were quick to welcome us here 6 years ago.

They're both in their early 90s, and when they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary, I asked if I could come take some portraits.

16 years ago Mrs. Sims had a brain aneurysm, leaving her basically home bound. Mr. Sims has cared for her ever since.

Despite this trial, they always always have smiles on their faces and share a love for life, laughter, and each other.

It has truly been an honor to know them! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Sims, for giving me the opportunity to witness such an incredible love. You are my heroes!
I hope God grants Chuck and I the same blessing!!

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Gabi said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Angie!

Unknown said...

70 years. Wow. Inspirational. Lovely portraits, too. Thanks for sharing, to you and them. And many congratulations to them!