Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Third World Symphony

In the past few years my eyes have been opened to the mass amount of suffering around our globe.  The "third world" is much bigger than the first world.  And these people living in poverty are most often overlooked because of their lack of platform.  Enter Shaun Groves. He was a musical artist who made it big back in the early 2000s, and as he was just started to enjoy his success and wealth, God changed his heart. He put the dream home up for sale and went on a trip to the Third World with Compassion Int'l.  We've all seen the pitiful commercials and it's hard to believe that life is really that awful for people.  Like Marie Antionette, it's so beyond our comprehension that we might think "Let them eat cake!"  Yet, Shaun went on the trip, saw the hurt, and saw the hope that the people have.  He went on to lead more expeditions for bloggers in the last few years, which is how I came across him and his work. He and his wife changed (downgraded) their lifestyle so they could give more. He sees the complexities of the poverty, it's not just a matter of giving hand outs.  He's done these trips many times to many places, and changed his career from making money, to playing music if it meant he could ask for support for Compassion.  And really his mission is to motivate the first world to act, to give, and to be aware of what's happening beyond our borders.

So, for about 8 years now that's what he has done. Finally he decided it was time to write a new album.  So he created "Third World Symphony."  He's even on a blog tour, appearing on various blogs each day, telling his story about the album. Many of these bloggers have gone with him on trips, and it's neat to hear their perspectives too. I love how Kristen at "We are THAT Family" talks about how grateful she is that her trip "saved her from wealth." I can also testify that his journey has made me realize how very much I have, and how important it is to be a better steward of my resources. And to thank God for allowing me to live in America, and to pray for the suffering in the Third World.


So, if you get a chance, check out the blog tour. And better still, buy the album. It's good. But don't take my word for it, check it out here:
Third World Symphony by shaungroves

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Cooking Up Faith said...

I saw Kelly post about this, and bought the cd after reading her post. Great music, and great cause. It was great to see you and your smile this morning!!