Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Birthday

Just after the Henderson party we headed to Austin to celebrate my birthday.

Really, it was a birthday week for me. Monday, my girlfriends met for dinner at my favorite restaurant. During the week Chuck installed my birthday present: a new stereo in the van, complete with a built in dvd player for the kids and a rearview camera for me!

Then, after the Easter party, we met up with a guy who sold us his fisheye lens (thank you, craigslist!)...

And we went on to meet up with my family for dinner.

Big Daddy is such a sport - Charlie weighs over 60 pounds!


Chuck, through a fisheye.

We bobble-headed everyone. My nephew Elijah.

Baby Leland.

Neice Kaylie.

Nephew William.

Then we went to our hotel. My Aunt Vickie works there and had gotten us the nicest room, and even had a rose waiting on me there for my birthday.

Charlie, just waking up.

The fisheye view of breakfast.

Our view of the hill country.

The greatest gifts for my birthday were God-given...although I didn't get a decent group shot.

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