Monday, August 29, 2011

Kiddie Park

One day, back in May, my friend Kira and her daughter Kyriel invited us out to the Kiddie Park.

Charlie and Chandler were having a blast!

But Chance? He just wanted to watch from the sidelines.

Loving the rides!

Not loving...anything.

More rides...

More watching...

Nothing seemed to coax Chance out of his pouty mood. I'd never seen him so...cranky.

Wait, what's this? You like the carousel?

Well, at least you're ON a ride.

Truth be told, the carousel was our last ride...but Chance loved it so much he rode it about five times! I guess we're all allowed a bad day now and then.

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Andrew J. Burris said...

Angie I love the pic of Chance watching from the sidelines! You captured that perfectly!

Thanks for sharing!