Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chance's Pre K Easter Party

The Easter party for pre k is usually a highlight of the year for Chance. This year was no exception.

Chance, as I've mentioned, has a hard time getting along with girls. He was NOT happy about the fact that the party was at a GIRL's house. But, oh how he had no idea what awaited him...

Chandler was excited about their puppy.

And the bounce house! So much fun!

And a pinata, which Chance got the pleasure of ripping to shreds.

And an easter egg hunt, of course.

Checking out the loot.

With his class and his sweet teacher, Mrs. Lori Woodard.

But the biggest surprise was that the host (his classmate Peyton) had LOTS of boys' toys. I don't think I've ever seen him have so much respect for a girl! He played in her room with the other boys for a long time. Then we were the last to leave the party because he wanted to play Mario Brothers with her! Such a funny twist. Thank you, Taylor family, for having us!

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