Friday, August 19, 2011

Aunt Mimi and Uncle Bubba visit

So, long time no see. I've had a hard time with blogging lately (obviously)...because my photos are on our PC, not my laptop. Which means I have to sit in Chuck's office and leave the kids unattended during the day (risky!!), or make Chuck get off of it at night (also risky!). So, here it sits. BUT the good news is I've discovered I can batch upload photos to a blog post from picasa. I'm also switching over from flickr to picasa web albums. And all this works well with the new google + account... Ahh, someday this will be a streamlined machine!!

Anyways, I'm picking up where I left off. One day my little sister Maribelle and little brother Adam were driving through San Antonio, so they stopped and stayed awhile. I LOVE that they wanted to go up to Charlie's school and have lunch with him. It was a great surprise!

Aunt Mimi, you are so fun!

Charlie loves Aunt Mimi...

Then, after school, we also met Charlie at the bus stop.

My brother isn't a boy anymore (sniff, sniff)...

Thanks for coming to visit, y'all. We always love it when you do!

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