Friday, May 20, 2011

Chandler's birthday week

For Chandler's birthday, there wasn't a good time when the whole family could come to celebrate. So we did it in phases, and ate a lot of cake!

Chuck's sister Melanie and her 2 little ones came down to visit for a few days.
Kaylie's Bubbles

Mel + Fam visit

Mel + Fam visit

One day, Chuck's parents came down, so we all drove SE of San Antonio to this middle-of-nowhere awesome BBQ place.
Chandler's 3rd Birthday

It had a great outdoor playscape.
Chandler's 3rd Birthday

Birthday boy.
Chandler's 3rd Birthday

That evening we loaded up cupcakes and took everyone to Raymond Russell to enjoy some great weather. I forgot a lighter, though, so poor Chan had no candles to blow out. But he got another chance later that week...

Chandler's 3rd Birthday

Chandler's 3rd Birthday

That weekend, Granny and Bubba, Meesh and her family all came in to celebrate.

HEB had a petting zoo set up, so we went to explore..
Bostons visit

Bostons visit

Bostons visit

Then it was back to the house, enjoying some baby Leland...
Bostons visit

This time, we had candles!
Bostons visit

Here's my (big) little brother.
Bostons visit

That night, Granny, Adam and the fam went to a hockey game. They didn't allow cameras in, so here was our before-shot.
Granny visits (Chandler's 3rd Birthday)

The boys surprised me, especially Chandler, with how well they did. It was really fun! And the hockey league has REALLY toned down how much aggression is expressed on the ice. I was impressed!

Afterwards, Bubba gave his clone, Chance, a piggy-back ride to the car.
Granny visits (Chandler's 3rd Birthday)

We are so blessed to have family that drives out to celebrate with us! Thank you all! Happy Birthday, Chandler!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chance's Valentine's Party

Once again, we enjoyed the perk of pre-k this year with a Valentine's Party. However, since this is Chance we're talking about, I was worried that all the pink hearts and lovey dovey stuff would turn him into a Scrooge. But he was a trooper!

I think it helped that the lovey dovey valentines came with candy. Each student handed out their valentines, putting them in each other's shoe box.
Chance's Valentine's Party

A little valentine for his sweet teacher, Mrs. Lori Woodard.
Chance's Valentine's Party

Heart shaped pink marshmellows, FTW!
Chance's Valentine's Party

And Chance's class...
Chance's Valentine's Party

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cub Scouts

January and February were fun for Charlie in regards to Cub Scouts.

First, he built a derby car with his dad for the derby car race. They spent a few Saturdays side-by-side working on it.

The Fine Art of Pinewood Derby

The Fine Art of Pinewood Derby

Cub Scout Derby Races

And for the adults, they also had a "no restrictions" derby car race. Here's the one Chuck built.
Cub Scout Derby Races

Then the big race day...
Cub Scout Derby Races

Cub Scout Derby Races

Cub Scout Derby Races

Charlie came in second in this race. I don't remember his overall...

And Chuck's car was so fast it wiped out...

Also, we fulfilled some other badges for Charlie. One was to visit a fire station. Did you know that you can pop in at any time at a fire station and they'll give you a tour?! But lucky for us, our friends Jen & Luke Schott called ahead and warned them we'd be coming...they had a little surprise in store for us.

After seeing the inside of the station, they asked the boys if they'd like to check out the inside of their new truck...the kind with the ladder on top...
Fire Station Tour

Then they gave us a little ride...
Fire Station Tour

Checking out the ladder.
Fire Station Tour

Going Up!

The boys were slightly excited.
Fire Station Tour

It made me wish we lived within walking distance, because the firefighters and the boys played a little game of lacrosse. Wish they could do that more often. It brought home the idea to me that these firefighters truly become family to each other with their 24+ hour shifts. I can't imagine the pain of losing a coworker... And they were great influences on my boys... If you ever get a chance, go visit your fire station... You'll be glad you did!

Another Saturday in February we took a family hike to fulfill another badge.
Family hike

Charlie enjoyed reading what each of the plants were that we would pass.
Family hike

We went to Frederich Wilderness Park for the first time, and it was so nice. They have a windmill that pumps water, which was interesting to the boys. It's a beautiful place to walk around.

Family hike

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Boys Lately

I've noticed a trend in my blogging. Sometimes I'll interrupt the stream of events (I have 18 posts waiting to be blogged) and just talk about the boys. That happened 2 times last year. So I think I'll make this an ongoing series.

I update my Facebook status often with silly things the boys say, and eventually I compile them here. It's been over a year, so this might be...looooonnnggg.

Chance: You know I don't like that, Mom.
Me: Oh yeah, then why were you laughing?
Chance: Because that's how I cry sometimes.

Is there anything as sweet as hearing your child read to his younger brother? Sweet music....

Chance: Dad, how did you do that?!
Chuck Thier: with my awesomeness

Chance's Mom's Day card from prek:
"My mom's name is: Miss Angie
She is: 21 years old
and has: grey and black eyes and brown and black hair.
Her favorite food is: sour apples.
I love my mom because: she lets me play Minecraft."
Then he drew a stick figure with a red ninja mask- that's me.

2 of Chandler's cutest sayings : "Check up" = ketchup. Chickeyfay = ChikFila.

"You have nice moves, my brotha!" ~Chance, while playing wii fencing with Charlie

And for his grand finale: Chandler poured his cup of water into the Xbox.

Charlie: "Chandler, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
Chandler: "An alligator."

Chandler pulls out the measuring tape, measures his easter egg and says "This egg is 7 pounds!"

"The Italian Pizza Man. He guards the pizzas and walks like aliens." ~Chance

"I was mad at Chandler, so I went in my room and sat on my bed until I calmed down." ~Chance (sometimes he has hard days, then he does stuff like this that makes my heart melt.)

Last night I caught myself saying "No shooting guns at the dinner table." Wow, this really is life with boys...

"Momma, you can't get the blanket off me. I am glued. I am SUPER glued." ~Chandler (Should I tell him Super Glue exists, or just let him think he's clever?)

"You have to be married to get a job." ~Chance

Charlie, do you want to play basketball?
Charlie: No, because you can get hurt. Tim Duncan twisted his ankle. I'd rather play don't get as hurt in football.

Chance: I am so out of breath.
Charlie: if you were out breath, you wouldn't be talking.

What's for dinner, Mom?
Yes!! Man food!!~Charlie

Chandler: Can I have some of yours tea, Mama?
Me: No, but you can have water.
Chandler: What? You have to be kidding me!

"The moon makes our sky bwue!!" ~Chandler

"I am allergic to girls." ~Chance

I love Chuck Thier for putting the boys to bed tonight...and how I can hear him snoring from their room. ;)

"My stomach is growling like a bad guy!" ~Chance

Ok boys, no jumping on the air mattresses. "But what if you're invisible?" ~Chance

"Why doesn't lava melt?" ~Chance

"But Mommy, I too tie-yard to go night-night." ~Chandler

"Oh No! Mom has the camera! Everybody take cover!!" ~Charlie
Thank God for the telephoto lens! ;)

While driving in the car---
Chance: "Mom, there's the place with weeds and monsters; I really want to go there."
Me: What?
Chance: "You know, this new place with weeds and monsters."
Me: Hmm, weeds and monsters...Do you know where this place is?
Chance: "Yeah, it's on Minecraft!"
(The lines between reality and video games are quite blurry sometimes...)

"Ok, Chance, you be the turtle and I'll be Mario..." ~Charlie (doesn't that just sound like a trip to the hospital?!)

"Mom, you have a widdle booty and I have a big booty." ~Chandler (oh the charm!)

Today the boys realized that they can actually attack Daddy at once. So as Chuck fled, I heard one of them say "I wanna spank his hiney!!" as they chased him. Yep, he's in trouble now...

I've observed a common saying around our house. It starts as a sigh and ends with "Oh Chandler."

Charlie: Why did you say Dad was here?
Me: because I saw headlights that looked like his.
Charlie: Remember Mom, lots of people have headlights.

Charlie: What's for lunch?
Me: Wonton Soup.
Charlie: Hey, just like my friend named Juan...

much to the boys chagrin, the Christmas tree is down. A month overdue is long enough, right?

"Your eyes are for taking pictures so you can think about them." ~Chance

‎"Ya know, I haven't met an alien yet." ~Chance

Chandler (the Explorer) is trying his hardest to give me a heart attack. No more watching Dora and Diego...

We are home now and our house looks like a toy bomb exploded in it. Gotta love the post-Christmas toy hangover... ;)

Is it bad if you tell your kid his birthday was yesterday instead of today so you can fit the party into your vacation schedule?

Luke, the boys' 8 yo cousin said "I think Charlie was meant to have a big head, Chance was meant to be fast, and Chandler was meant to be funny." Well said, Luke. Well said.

Greatly enjoyed our first ever White Christmas (in Kentucky). "Snowballs are fun! And they taste good, too!" ~Charlie

"When I grow up, I'll be Lightning McQueen." ~Chandler

"When I'm a grown up some day, I'll have some kids, and when they are little I'll let THEM play violent games." ~Chance (clearly critiquing our no-violence parenting).

Chandler was making up his own song, singing, "I gonna be biiiiigggggeeerr and strooonngggeer and I be a weally hoooogggeee Channnnwweeeer."

So, we have a new dog, and this morning she was wrestling a stuffed animal, much to the boys' delight. Then she starts humping it, to which Chance exclaims "Look, Mom! She wants a piggy back ride!!" Yeah, that's it....

I asked Chandler if he wanted to watch "Up!" and he said: No, I wanna watch "Down".

"I know how to spell 3D!" ~Chance

Charlie found a toy pulled apart this morning and said "Chandler, why'd you break my toy?" Chandler responded "It not broken! It cooler now!"

Chandler peed then pooted on the potty, and looked up, with wide eyes and said "My peepee blowed up!!"

‎"When we were babies, our hair fell down to our eyes, and that's how we got eye brows." ~Chance

He constantly ponders the mysteries of the universe. "So girls like boys, but boys don't like girls. That is really weird, huh?" -Chance

"Charlie likes the color purple. That is so weird." ~Chance

"I want to make a movie like Wall-E but it'd be called Troll-E" ~Charlie

"I didn't just trickded you - I jokeded you and trickded you." ~Chance

"I'm kinda like the Mario Brothers. I can throw fireballs." ~Charlie

"When my daddy kiss you, that make me mad!" ~Chandler

"If you were naked and a chicken pecked your hiney, it would weally hurt!" ~Chance

"Mom not da boss. I de boss!" ~Chandler

"Mom, I know some rules about computers. Like, don't have your food or drink around it, and don't play soccer on it." ~Charlie

This morning my 6 year old moved into size 4 men's shoes. Did I give birth to a human or a forest creature?!

Chandler pounced on me this morning, saying, "I need wots of kisses, Mama!!"

"God helped David kill Goliath, which weally means he cheated." ~Chance

"Did the Ice Age kill the dinosaurs on Mars, too?" ~Chance

"Wanna know how the sun lights up? There's a big whooge wight bulb in it. And the moon? There's a lot of wight bulbs in it." ~Chance

Chandler now successfully uses the potty all day (we're not to the point of using underwear yet though)...the only downside is that I now have 3 boys that describe what their poop looks like.

Chandler got ahold of my drink when I wasn't looking, and has since been proclaiming "Docka Peppa Good!!"

Chandler has gone #2 in the potty for 3 days in a row, FTW!

Chandler sadly exclaimed: "I missed you, Cha-ee!"
We're all getting adjusted to Charlie being back in school (sniff, sniff)

When I gwow up and have hundred miwlion dollars, I will buy lots of legos sets as pwesents for you, Mom." -Chance

Every kid has enjoyed ripping up a book at one point or another. Chandler has more sophisticated tastes, though. He prefers only books from the library.

In talking to Chance about how he shouldn't hurt girls, Chuck said, "How would you feel if I hurt Mommy?" Chance replied, "Then I would have to teach you wesson, Dad! I would beat you up and not be your son any.more!" I shouldn't laugh, but it was so funny...

"Mom, what does hippie mean?" How do you answer that for a 6 year old?? -charle

Today Chandler kept saying "Cose eyes Mom" then he'd put a surprise toy in my hand. The best was when he said "Cose eye Channer" and then he closed his eyes, and put the toy from one hand to the other, then opened his eyes and went, "Oh wow!!

It's not every day you get to kiss a crocadile...but today was Chandler's day...

"I'm using the force to put you to bed Chanwer." ~Chance
(I never thought of that before!! ha!)

Chandler just licked a puppy. How's that for payback for all the kisses??

"I wish I had a credit card to Build-A-Bear" ~Charlie
Oh dear, we may need a Dave Ramsey intervention...

"It takes a long time to be old." ~Chance

The kids are calling "pop rocks" "cricket eggs" because of the chirping sound in their mouths...

"Mom, you really don't know much about boys." ~Charlie

Chandler just tried to convince me that he did not hurt his brother, the rock monster did it.

While fingerpainting with the boys, Chandler took his paper plate of paint and stuck it in the pool. To which Chance said, "I guess he's watercoloring."

Chance built a bionicle robot and put a lego piece on his knee and said "Look, Mom, he has an Ipad."

Charlie made a maze out of legos. Which leads me to one of those sappy parental moments where I think my kids is a genius. This, however, does nothing to my disdain for cleaning those little genius-creating suckers off my floor.

Charlie has as many stitches on his toe as he has years under his belt.
ER count for injuries since we had kids: 2. Not too shabby.

"I want to be in that Star Wars band where they use electricity." ~Charlie (Arc Attack)

"I weally want to wide a weal live dinosaur someday!" ~Chance

"Mommy, I will marry you when I am a grown-up-man." ~Chance

Chandler's mess making count is already up to 5 and it's only 10:15 am. Oh Lord, give me patience...

Chance looks at me thru a magnifying glass and says "Wow, Mom, You look taller! And younger!" (huh?!) Happy Half Birthday, big guy!! And many thanks to the friends who celebrated it with us!

"Mom, watch this. I'm going to press x,y,a,b and go weally fast!" Then he runs around the room. ~Chance (Can you tell the X box has taken its toll?!)

Why do 2 yr olds have to fight sleep so much?

Thankful for my Dad (the super-hero for my boys), and the many dad-figures in my life. And most of all, my boys' dad, who keeps me sane and is a better father than I could've ever imagined...

I sure am glad I have boys to shoot all the bad guys in my house.

Chance puts on sunglasses and says, "Wow, everything is in 3D!"

"Chandler did you make a poopy?" No. "Do you have poppy in your diaper?" No. "Are you sure?"


(Yep, he's two!)

While Chandler sleeps, the big boys are watching Elmo. Oh, the irony...

"But aliens are supposed to be green!" ~Chance

Chance just said "Your butt is so fat, I can
run into it and not get hurt." Then he runs into me.

Chance: "I'm sorry for hitting you, Charlie."
Charlie: "I don't remember you hitting me."
Chance: "Oh, yeah, I didn't hit you."

Chandler went #2 on the potty!

Chan told me "I wuv eww Mommy, night, night," then brought me his favorite thomas sheets as I got into bed. I ♥ this age of sweetness.

On a happier note, Chandler is in the shower singing "Shake your booty." ;)

Chance's favorite expletive: "Holy Crab Balls!"

"You're not my favorite mommy any.more. hhhmmpph." -Chance

"Daddy, I can't wait until I'm just like you!" ~Chance

It turns out that scratching your mosquito bite in your sleep is a justifiable reason to wake your mother at 2 am. Really. (-Chance)

Chandler decided to he needed to kick his apple jacks up a notch. So he added (no, more like, dumped) Zatarain's seasoning in it. Watch out Emeril, Chandler's learning fast...

Chandler narrated his first story to me tonight, which included puppies driving trucks into water (which he found hilarious), and himself falling down and getting a "spicy booboo", and a kitty flying an airplane, then falling down on a car. I ♥ this age.

Charlie says, "Hey Chance, let's go outside so I can crack a confetti egg on your head. Chance says, enthusiastically: "Okay!!"

"I weally wanna catch a weprechan someday." ~Chance

Even Chandler's imaginary friends exclaim "Mine!" at each other...

I just busted Chandler pouring out some conditioner - it was least he has cheaper tastes than Charlie!

Turns out that 2 big bottles of expensive shampoo/conditioner really look like two fighter guys who want to duke it out by spurting their inerds as ammo thru their spout tops at each other. Charlie reminds me of Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes more every day... However I nearly cried to see my pricey stuff going down the drain. Time to start buying cheaper haircare products.

"Caw caw. Roar!!" ~Chandler (from Up!)

Chance puts on his Buzz Lightyear goggles and says "Mom, I Hans Solo Skywalker!"

As he's eating ice cream, he lifts up his shirt and says, "Wanna see how large is my tummy?!" ~Chance

"My butt is allergic to spankins." ~Chance

I looked up to see Chandler rolling my deodorant all over his belly. 2 yr olds are fun!!!

"Chandler No Obey!! Ok?" ~Chandler (obviously)

"There's an army of boogers blocking my nose." -Chance

Power outage = giggly little boys.

"Mommy, you look handsome!" -Chance

Charlie sings, "Aye Chihuahua! I am a Chihuahua"

"I weally wanna win this wevel!" ~Chance

Yesterday as Chandler sought to break some seeds out of their pods, he kept saying, "Knock, knock." It was so cute I just had to record it here.

"This lego guy is half penguin, half robot, and half Indian." -Charlie

"I think I'm allergic to sounds." ~Chance

"Watch, Mommy! I break dance!" ~Chandler (taught by Charlie, of course).

"Ack Ack, I come in peace." ~Chandler

It's 11 pm and Chuck is playing legos with the boys. I ♥ Spring Break!!!

"If you sat on the sun, your butt would catch on fire." ~Chance

One minute he's playing on the backyard playscape. The next he's marking sharpie all over the interior of our minivan. It's a good thing you're cute, Chandler James

"I funny funny!" ~Chandler

"I tooted. My toots are stinky. Actually, they are not my favorite smell." -Chance

Last night as I put Chandler to bed, he said "Mommy, hug!". As I gave him a hug he said, "Mommy heavy!"

Watching Chuck teach the boys how to bake a cake is off the charts for romantic appeal. I am blessed. :)

"I only like boy colors." ~Chance

He's unfolded laundry, pulled things off counters, stripped himself of clothes and diaper, told me "No!" about a 100 times - all since he woke up 2 hours ago. Yep, He's TWO!!! Happy Birthday, Chandler!!!

"Mommy, when you burp you should like a boy." ~Chance

‎"I caught a snowflake on my tongue, so I ate it." ~Charlie (yesterday)

If one answers affirmatively to the Mommy's suggestion, then one has just compromised independance. Instead, one should answer negatively, wait a moment to see if the Mommy backlashes, then insist on having the Mommy's suggestion anyway. Thus, one has not rebelled, but has proven one's right to have it one's way. (~Chandler)

It is "the worsest day ever!!" when your brother claims your lego ship as his own and even modifies it. That's when you have the right to claim "I never get what I want!" (~Charlie)

Everytime Chandler gets out of my view, he takes off his diaper and throws it in the trash. Lil stinker!

"It's reawwy cold outside so the ants and the snakes need their jackets." ~Chance

"My tummy's not hungry yet because it wants to watch me play." ~Chance

Wii Sports Resort is a hit, as is glow-stick pillow fight in the dark. Now 4 lil boys (2 are mine) are sacked out, watching "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs." Pretty sure they won't last thru the movie... Gah, it's so fun being a mom!

as I put Chandler down for a nap, he sang me a song that I could recognize for the first time (and his hand motions helped)...he sang "This Little Light of Mine. " Lil heart melter. :)

Went up to Charlie's school for lunch, and got to hear his classmate sing "happy birthday" in Arabic. So cool.

is gearing up for Charlie's 6th birthday tomorrow. This is definitely one of the perks of being a mom. :)

"I can't do this with y'all talking. I need peace and quiet. *sigh* Now I have to start all over." ~Charlie (yikes, that sounds a lot like someone I know...)

"4...5...6...9...10...9...10 Here i come!!!" ~Chandler

"Charwee ignores my ears. That huwts my feewings." ~Chance

‎"I just need some quiet time, Chanwer." ~Chance