Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chance's 5th Year Slideshow

On a happier note than the last 2's Chance's slideshow for his fifth year of life. These pics are far from perfect, but I hope someday he looks back and loves them...

And yes, I'm 4 months behind still. ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patience Building Exercises

Six Flags Fail

Just when I think Chandler is outgrowing the mess-making stage, I start to recount how many messes he's made today...

1. He dumped out our full water bottle as soon as we got into the zoo, and a couple of times after I refilled it from the water fountain.

2. He dumped out a full bag of chips in the game room, where he knows he's not supposed to have food.

3. He dumped out a whole bottle of hydrogen peroxide, opened band aids, and smeared neosporin all over himself.

4. He dumped out his bottle of bubbles outside, as soon as I gave them to him.

5. He dumped out his bottle of root beer on his brother's bed (another place he knows he's not to have food or drink).

6. He dumped out the dog's food, and then, once it was cleaned up, he dumped all of her water bowl into her dog food.

Calgon, take me away....