Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Years' with Mom and fam

So, we set off from Kentucky, in between snow storms, and made it to my mom's on New Years' Eve. Although it was quite the detour, considering that we hadn't seen her since before her heart surgery, it was worth it. My two sisters (on my mom's side, if you're keeping up), and brother were there, too.

So Mom had all of her kids and grandkids in one place.
Gaspard Christmas

My sister Maribelle was ready to show off her bling...they'd gotten engaged a month before.
Maribelle's Engagement ring

The happy couple. Welcome to the (crazy) family, Jimmy!
Gaspard Christmas

The other happy couple, Randi and Dan. Marriage looks good on them. ;)
Gaspard Christmas

They brought their English bulldog puppy, Baxter. Just for kicks, here's Chandler and Baxter 6 months prior:
Trip to SE Tx

And now:
Gaspard Christmas
Baxter's catching up fast!

Chandler loved all the dogs. He was dubbed "Lord of the puppies (as he calls them)".
Lord of the Dogs ;)

Bubba was out doing what he does best - modifying Mom's car. She's very hip, and has the best bass system around!
Gaspard Christmas

This is how we bond - Chance playing his DS while Aunt Meme plays Wordfeud on her phone.
The family that plays together...

We had so much fun, just playing with the animals, staying up late and toasting the new year, and even watching Toy Story 3 together (so sad!!). Then we made the trek home...ahhh. I love our family! It was so good to see everyone (Thiers and Gaspards).

And if you have a minute for entertainment... here's mom's dog and cat playing (and Chance, too).


Kelly said...

Those pics of chan and baxter are so sweet!

Cooking Up Faith said...

Hey there! You blog!! :) Looks like a great time, love all your happy faces!!