Sunday, March 20, 2011

Christmas Trip, Part 3

While we spent a short amount of time outside in the snow, we spent most of our time hibernating in the house. And really, I rarely take photos inside, so I'm low on those sorts of photos. But sometime the kids would sit near a window, and the light on their faces would be calling my name.

As Ruby will so beautifully demonstrate:
My Sweet Neice

And Beau:
Christmas Eve

And Chan Man, with a messy face as usual, and red cheeks from being out in the cold:
Christmas Eve

Speaking of Beau and Chan, these two hit it off as soon as we got there. I think it helped that they both have a love for horses right now. We'd just gotten Chan some small farm animal toys, which he was happy to share with Beau. Then for Christmas, Beau got a bunch of horses, and he returned the favor. These two were pretty much joined at the hip all week.

Yeehaw, Cowboy!

Kentucky for Christmas
Having a cousin your age is

The kids had a blast playing indoors, and I need heard a word of complaint about being cooped up inside. They often ran around in the basement, and played all sorts of games all day. At one point I found them all in costume:

Kentucky for Christmas
Ethan, Chandler, Beau, Luke, Ruby, Charlie - Chance is missing because he does NOT like costumes, silly boy! Charlie looks like he's about to hit someone, but that was just his "ninja pose" he says.

I really cherished watching them all eat their meals together, and the funny conversations they would have.
Kentucky for Christmas

Mitsi it so creative, which meant there was plenty of craft supplies for their imaginations to run wild with.
Kentucky for Christmas

At one point Chandler brought me his drawing and said, "Wook, Mom, I made a puppy dog!" I honestly didn't believe he'd drawn it. I think the boy has a little bit of talent...(Neither Charlie nor Chance could draw this well at 2 yrs old). Do you see it?

Kentucky for Christmas

Sometimes they gathered around the laptop for a movie (or we watched one of tv, but this is the one I have a pic of...).
Watching a Christmas movie

The older boys got some DS time in. It amazes me how it is actually a bonding thing. Anytime Charlie pulls it out, he ends up having lots of boys around him to watch.
Kentucky for Christmas

And after the kids went to bed, we would play too! Tammy and Brandon... and look closely, Mitsi's hiding behind the blanket.
after hours

Christmas morning, everyone gathered in the living room (with a fire going, which was one aspect I loved about the colder weather!), and the kids took turns opening their presents. Since we're accustomed to boys, I was so excited to see that the jewelry box we got for Ruby was a hit! Way to go in picking it out, Uncle Chuck!

Christmas Morning

That morning was spent with a lot of lego building. Uncle Brandon jumped in to help with construction.
Christmas Morning

Christmas afternoon, Mitsi and Chuck took on the task of making Beef Wellington for the first time. It was quite labor intensive, but man! was it good!!
Beef Wellington

A little video of the flambe!

Dinner that night was incredible! Here's the whole fam: BIL Paul, Sister Mitsi, Paul's Bro and SIL, Paul's parents, Chuck's parents, Chuck, Sister Tammy and BIL Brandon.
The Christmas Dinner Group

And then this shot is at the same table, so really it was from our last dinner together. All the cousins: Luke, Charlie, Chance, Chandler, Beau, Ruby, Ethan.
Our last dinner

Ok, this is getting long again...gonna pause here. :)

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