Thursday, March 24, 2011

Charlie's 7th birthday

I know I've mentioned Charlie's birthday before, but I wanted to record what we did for his birthday as well.

This year we played it low key. In fact, we played all of their birthdays low key.

We had a couple of Charlie's friends, Alex and Zac, join us for dinner at Charlie's pick: HuHot.

Charlie's Birthday

And we discussed all the different uses for chopsticks. And every time the fire in the pit shot up to the ceiling, the boys shot up in their chairs to watch the action.

Charlie's Birthday

Singing happy birthday over s'mores at HuHot.

Then we went to play laser tag. Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed it! But I have no pictures since it was, ya know, pitch dark.

The next day, Grandpa and Grandma Thier, Nana and Big Daddy, and cousin William came to celebrate. Once again, not many photos, but here's a (technically terrible) shot of us toasting to Charlie, with his favorite root beer.

Charlie's Birthday

It seems a new tradition has started - the birthday boy will get to choose how to decorate his cake.

Charlie's Birthday

I continue to marvel at the bond between Charlie and my dad.
Charlie's Birthday

Serenading a second time, with the family.

After our guests left, Charlie crashed out (which I already mentioned, I know...)
Charlie's Birthday

Last year I made a slideshow of Charlie's first 6 years. Here's his 7th.

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