Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chance's 5th Birthday


Just after Christmas, we wanted to have a little birthday celebration for Chance. Mitsi had the great idea to have it at a gym. It was perfect! But first, we had to sugar'em up!

(Sorry for the bad focus - I'm still learning!)

Chance was disappointed because he'd asked for a half-transformers, half-train cake (what?!)... Oh well, his daddy baked this one and it was delish!
Chance's Birthday

Opening presents.
Chance's Birthday

Then on to the gym!
Jumping for Chance's Birthday

Jumping for Chance's Birthday

Mitsi giving Ruby a lift.
Jumping for Chance's Birthday

A blur of Beau.
Jumping for Chance's Birthday

Chance swinging into the foam pit.
Jumping for Chance's Birthday

Jumping for Chance's Birthday

Afterwards, they were all tuckered out. (Ruby)
After Jumping for Chance's birthday

Happy Birthday, Chancey boy.
Charlie's Birthday
I love this pic because it shows your personality. You are so laid back, and funny!!

Yet you have your moments, specifically about what you wear and eat... Sometimes I feel like you're more 15 than 5, with the sass you give me about how I choose "not cool" clothes and food!

Yet you still have your sweet side. When I tuck you in at bedtime, you usually hug me and say "Hold on forever!" Nearly everything you do makes me giggle.

You are Charlie's best friend, which I love. Yet recently, when he tried to talk you into doing something bad with him, you refused, which really impressed me!

You still struggle with getting scared easily...you still don't like to go to a room by yourself (even to go potty!). You're also still a light sleeper and often wake up before everyone else. Lately you've gotten to where you get up and go play downstairs without waking anyone.

Even though you're not quite as close to Chandler, he looks up to you a lot! You get mad when he calls you "Chancey" which also makes me giggle.

You are our spunky child, and we LOVE you!

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