Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear Charlie

Dear Charlie,

Yesterday you turned seven years old. As cliche as it sounds, and I know I say it each year, I can hardly believe you're seven. It just seems like yesterday you were born, probably because the memories of the day you joined us is forever engraved in my (usually terrible) memory and will be cherished forever.

February 5, 2005 Morning.

Checked in, started induction. Tried to keep my mind off the fairly mild contractions by playing cards with your daddy and grandfathers.
We played cards while I was in labor

Finally, by 10 pm, you had a bumpy ride into the world. I saw you shortly, and watched my amazing husband jump into fatherhood with both feet. As you were crying just after birth, his voice was the only one that could calm you down. Then you were taken back to the nursery so your lungs could be worked on. Despite feeling an enormous amount of exhaustion, every time the door to my room opened, I rose up, hoping to finally have you in my arms. Finally, at 3:30 am, the nurse brought you in! I finally got to unwrap you and look a your little body, kiss your little toes. Despite the rough start, you were healthy, and it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

First time to hold him

Daddy also had some happy tears in his eyes.
First time to hold Charlie

The hospital allowed you to sleep with me because of a bad bruise on your head. I snapped this picture which your grandparents dubbed as your "angel picture" because it looks like you have wings...
Charlie's (an) angel

And now we were no longer just a couple. We were a family.
Our first family portrait

And the last seven years have been such an adventure. You have taught me humility in ways that no one else could. Figuring out how to parent you has been far from easy. As soon as you were old enough to be on the floor, you would hit your head on it when you were angry. You shattered my notions that people with bad tempers learned that from their environment. Your temperament was inherent, and one thing I still struggle with teaching you how to control.


I had no idea how much joy you would bring us. The sound of your laughter filled our home and made it feel complete, and full. You love people. You have social skills that I envy. You love being around people...and you make friends so easily. You remember names and details. It is truly a gift in you.

You love math, and are so good at it. Your teacher said that you were a quiet leader in your class last year. All of these strengths are directly connected to your father. And speaking of him, watching you two bond over these 7 years has been incredible. You were the reason he got to pull out his old legos...and even buy new ones! Y'all also spent the last weekend building your first derby car.

The Fine Art of Pinewood Derby

It reminds me of how much joy I felt when you were born, getting to tell you I had the best dad ever for you. What a blessing from God, to lead me to such an upright man!

Although you've gravitated more to your dad, you still have times where you remind me how much I mean to you. The other day as you hugged me before going into class, another mom said "Enjoy that while it lasts." So last night, once the birthday festivities were over, you cuddled on the couch with me as we watched our favorite detective show (Psych). And then you fell asleep, and I got to hold you for awhile. And I savored it.

Charlie's Birthday

You are getting so big. Just as your birth seems like yesterday, I have a feeling you'll be a teenager before we know it.

milk moustache

You're already losing teeth and getting adult teeth in. Right now I like to call you Snaggle Tooth.

loose tooth

And you are loved. Happy Birthday, dear firstborn.
dinner time

Love, Mom


Anna Ellis said...

Aww! That "Angel picture" has always been my favorite. Happy Birthday first nephew ;)

Kathy said...

Beautiful. SO beautiful! Love this post. Happy birthday sweet little man.

Ana said...

Sweet post for a sweet boy! Love his smile! I totally know what you mean about remembering the boys' birth days. I, too usually have a horrible memory. But those precious, joyful days seem so fresh. Hope he had a wonderful day!