Friday, February 25, 2011

Christmas Trip, Part 1

So, as soon we we finished up with Charlie's Holiday party, we got home and loaded up for our road trip to Nashville, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky. Long day, that's for sure.

We made the (HUGE) mistake of taking I-35 up through Dallas. By the time we hit Austin it was 5 pm. Not good. It took us about 9 hours to get East of Dallas, which should've taken about 7. We had hoped to make it to Texarkana at least, but we gave up and spent the night. The next morning, though, we made better time and arrived at Chuck's sister's house just in time to celebrate her birthday!

Tammy's party was in full swing with her awesome friends. So glad we didn't miss the delicious ice cream cake!
Tammy's Big 3-0

Tammy is so much fun! I'm not sure I was this happy when I turned 30. ;)
Tammy's Big 3-0

Getting some Aunt Tammy love...

And Daddy love...
Tammy's Big 3-0

It was much colder there, so the boys loved the fire on the porch. And the Christmas carols that ensued.
Tammy's Big 3-0

And later, while the girls were all gathered in the kitchen talking, The Disney movie "The Little Mermaid" came up, and this is what followed:

See, I told you her friends were awesome. ;) And Tammy, sorry if you're embarrassed that I posted that, but it was seriously so cool.. Love you!

The next morning, Tammy cooked a big wonderful breakfast. Chandler said, "My belly is full. See?!"
My belly is full, see?

Thanks, Tammy and Brandon, for letting us come visit!

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Unknown said...

Teehee; that's some performance. Love it!

Looks like a great time was had by everyone. I love these wonderful bits of your life and family that you share.