Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Zoo, again

It seems like we cram all the wonderful outdoor things for the month of October (and maybe some of November). That's the only time of year, except maybe April, when the weather is decent enough to enjoy the outdoors...before the holidays.

We love the zoo! In fact, we love it so much that we purchase the "Contributing" membership each year, which allows us to bring up to 5 guests with us for free each visit. We love being able to bring our friends/family in for free. If you're in San Antonio and want to get your out-of-town family to come visit more, this is a nice incentive. ;)

The other thing I love about the zoo is that it never gets old for the kids. Unlike Sea World and Fiesta, the sights change often. The animals are so entertaining (especially the monkeys).

On this trip, Chuck's sister Melanie and her family, plus their friend Kira and her daughter Kyriel came along. It's always more fun when friends/family come along!

Jason & Kaleb
Zoo with the Justs + Winters

Kalie, checking out the lion statue.
Zoo with the Justs + Winters

Like I said, there's always something new that happens when we go to the zoo. In this case, this snake kept slithering along his glass and getting up into the kids' faces (Ewww!!). This is Jason reaching out to him.

Zoo with the Justs + Winters


Moving along.
Here are our navigators, consulting the map for our next adventure.
{Chance, Chandler, Kaleb}
Zoo with the Justs + Winters

Melanie and Kaylie (just before Chance walked in front...)
Zoo with the Justs + Winters

I am a big fan of the lorikeets. You can purchase nectar, hold it out, and have a lory bird stand on you and drink.
Zoo with the Justs + Winters

This one even let me take a self portrait. Look closely, he's smiling. ;)
Zoo with the Justs + Winters

Speaking of self portraits, this is Kira, about to take one with Chance. Her camera actually had a display on the front of the camera so you didn't have to guess if you were in the frame. Way cool!
Zoo with the Justs + Winters

Afterwards, we headed over to our favorite restaurant with a big indoor playscape: Chacho's and Chalucci's. Love that place. And Kyriel even posed for me there. :)
Zoo with the Justs + Winters


Unknown said...

It looks like everyone had such a wonderful time! I need to get out to our zoo while it's still nice and cool out.

I love the snake picture, and the lorikeets are always one of my son's (OK, and mine) favorite things to do.

Stacia said...

I'm so happy you are posting! On the ball girl! I'm about to post about something from last June so backing up till August isn't too bad. ha!

I loved seeing you the other night. I'm missing you, let's get together sooner next time and call if you want to talk about stuff anytime.