Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mom's Heart

So, I want to interrupt our events with one I want to remember about my mom.

As I mentioned in the last post, she was getting fatigue and having a hard time walking, with her legs stiffening.

Bubba and Granny Visit

Well, it continued to get worse. By late November she was having a hard time doing much of anything besides going to work and coming straight home. By early December she was having a hard time walking across a room without getting winded. So, thankfully, her friends encouraged her to go to the hospital.

After a few tests the doctors decided she needed an orthoscopic surgery to look at her arteries. Sure enough, she had 90% and 95% blockages in her left and right arteries. 2 stents later, she's as good as new.

Her doctor said she may not even have hypertension anymore. And her goals of losing weight and quitting smoking are both much easier to attain now. She went back to the doctor a month later and had already lost 10 pounds without even trying! She reports that her energy level is much better! Hallelujah!

Also, as a side note, I have to mention how thankful I am for the medical system in our country. Yes, you read that right. While we hear a lot about the disadvantages (and there are many, no doubt), the fact that Mom could simply check in to a hospital with no insurance and a low income, and receive life saving care is an incredible blessing.

So, the soonest we could get there, which was nearly a month later, we got to visit with Mom, and the rest of the fam. I'm so thankful we were able to celebrate a bright future, instead of being at her bedside or worse...

Gaspard Christmas


Sad and Confused said...

We all love our Momma!

Mom said...

You kids make my life worth living :) and I so LOVE YA'LL too.... xoxoxoxox

Unknown said...

I didn't know your mom was having problems. Thank the Good Lord dhe is ok and doing well!!! She is so very Blessed to have children like y'all!!! Take Care.

Kathy said...

Oh Ang. So sorry to hear your mama was having health problems. My mom has double arthritis in both of her knees. So hard to see them struggling. Such an amazing opportunity for us as kids to be a blessing.

And you are an amazing blessing.xo