Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Day of School

First day in the first grade....

1st day of 1st grade

1st day of 1st grade

No butterflies, just calmly getting ready and heading out the door. I asked him if I could walk him in, he said "Nah, I remember where my class is." And that was that.

I still worried, still wished he'd let me join him. But I had to show him I trusted him...But I was so relieved when my friend Heath sent me a picture. Just after dropping off his son William in his kinder class, he saw Charlie and snapped this photo of him in his class.

He was all smiles when he got home. First grade started without a hitch.

And then, a few weeks later, it was this guy's turn.

1st day of pre k

Like his big brother, he got into his class room and settled into his "work."

1st day of pre k

I realize this was over a month ago...but I have to add, I got this email from Chance's pre-k teacher yesterday. I think she summed him up perfectly...

"I have fallen in love with him! He is such a spunky, sweet boy."

Spunky! That's it!! ;)

Both boys have been blessed with fabulous teachers (who have a great amount of patience), and are doing well.

I had a parent-teacher conference last week with Charlie's teacher and she gave him a glowing review. Sometimes, I just have to wonder if she's really talking about my kid... And I'm amazed he's doing so well, given how rebellious he was from one to four years of age.

The moral of the story: there's hope for you moms of younger kids - they do come thru their toddler years and turn into near-perfect angel children...for awhile at least. I need to record all this greatness as much as I can so I can draw strength from it in the teen years ahead.

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