Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chuck's Birthday

It's hard to believe Chuck is now 35. He was only 24 when we married. I think we can no longer deny we're not kids anymore. And also, I can no longer deny that we are geeks - camera geeks. What did he want for his birthday? Camera gear, of course! It's a sickness, really... ;)

happy birthday!

You might recall that we bought this small hybrid dslr/point-n-shoot camera called the Pen. And that last November I surprised Chuck with this huge, heavy, high quality 50-200mm f/2.8 lens. So, for his birthday he got the lens adapter for the Pen which allows using our normal dslr lenses. Here's the little camera wielding the big gun...

Happy birthday, Chuck!

He also got the 20 mm f/1.7 prime lens for the Pen so now it can (almost) fit in your pocket. In addition to better low-light than the kit-lens, it's taking better quality pictures.

The day his presents were due to survive (thank you, B&H!), I was sick with a stomach bug. Chuck took the day off the help me - and to play with his new toys. Here's his test shot with the new 20mm.

Sick in bed

Ok, enough of the boring photography stuff...Here's what we did for his birthday (besides take pictures):

Friday night we had a game night with his friends. He also got a new game called Dominion, and we had a great time playing it. (I didn't take any pics).

Monday, Labor Day, his parents, cousin, and sister and their families came to visit. Chuck barbequed and we just enjoyed a day of being together. Thanks for traveling down, y'all!

Hendrix enjoyed the train.
Labor Day / Chuck's Birthday

Chuck watching Chance play x-box. Judging by Chance's pjs, this was before company arrived.
More video game bonding

Our niece Kaylie.
Labor Day / Chuck's Birthday

Elijah and Chandler worked hard in the backyard.
Labor Day / Chuck's Birthday

Meesh showed off Boston boy #3.
Labor Day / Chuck's Birthday

Ryan always blesses our house with great music.
Labor Day / Chuck's Birthday

{Mel, Mom and Dad - sorry I didn't get more pics!}

Happy Birthday to my handsome 35 year old!
Labor Day / Chuck's Birthday

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