Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Boys Lately

Just an everyday shot

So I have MANY more blogs to post...but I'm going to jump out of order and record a few of the random things about the boys lately that I love.

Chancey Boy
Daddy's boy
No longer wants me to call him Chancey. He's also decided in the last few weeks that he actually cares what he wears, and often what Mom picks out is "not cool." Oh dear...

He remains to be such a joy though. He is constantly making us laugh. For instance, when he came home from school with this:
Look, Mom, I'm the middle finger!!

He couldn't wait to say "Hey look, Mom, I'm the middle finger!"

His innocence is what made that even funnier.

Then there's this:
Chance's "First Week of School"

He has such a sassy personality. And he truly does think girls have cooties. What's a mom to do?

Yesterday we went to Racktoberfest (blog to come) and I loved how excited he got about face painting:



I also caught this shot of him right before he covered his eyes again. He loves to play the "you can't catch me on camera" game.


And he really is my knight in shining armor. We've had issues with him hurting girls (because, they're girls=enemies=the devil, duh!). One night at dinner Chuck was telling him "Well how would you feel if I hurt Mommy? Mommy is a girl." While I was expecting some introspection, he immediately spouted off: "I would have to teach you a WESSON, Dad! I would beat you up and not be your son any.more! Humph!"

Another thing my knight told me recently: "When I gwow up and have hundred miwlion dollars, I will buy lots of legos sets as pwesents for you, Mom."

Another recent conversation, while discussing the David and Goliath story from Bible class... ‎"God helped David kill Goliath, which weally means he cheated."

And while Chance has always been easily scared, lately he seems to be coming out of it. He still has times when he doesn't want to go to a room alone (even the bathroom), but sometimes he excitedly proclaims, "I did it! By myself! And I wasn't even scared!"

He had been improving, then we watched Ghostbusters 2. The boys didn't seem very afraid of it (and I kept thinking, "Wow, I watched this as a kid?! Language!! Geez!" Actually, I think that a lot when we watch old movies...). So for a couple of months I listened as they begged to watch Ghostbusters 1. I figured we got lucky with the first viewing...I wasn't so sure about trying our luck again. But one day in July I caved, and we watched it. I mean, come on, it has the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man!! Surely it'd be ok - WRONG! All 3 boys slept with us for a few nights straight because they were so scared. Eventually they pulled out of it, but for Chance it was more of a relapse into being scared all the time. But he is getting much better.

Cub Scouts

I feel so blessed to even know this boy, much less be his mother. He is growing, and it is so beautiful to watch. He is still quite the leader, and we're starting to have real conversations, and he has lots of questions. It's fun to see how he thinks. He and Chuck have bonded so much lately, too. Through Cub Scouts, through computer games that they play together, etc.

Flying L

He now draws an allowance, as does Chance. He loves it, and is actually pretty good at saving his money for things. He's also pretty good at the game of farkle. He has great restraint, which impresses me. Although, he's not always the most responsible...Chuck caught him with a rice krispy treat under his pillow tonight. He can still be sneaky sometimes...

He's experiencing a few of the growing pains of being in school. At the end of last year he started to complain about how long the days were. He seemed to dread the schedule (almost as much as I did) as this school year began. But he's been such a trooper and rarely complains now. He still prefers to get up half an hour earlier just to enjoy being with his friends before school. He is soooo social. He also comes off the bus in tears sometimes because he gets picked on.

There's a little story there. Last week he got off the bus crying because 3 girls on the bus were making fun of him and drawing funny pictures of him. It's hard because I don't know the full story since I wasn't there, so I don't know how to respond. But I told him I could talk to the bus driver and have him moved (they have assigned seating). Anyhow the next morning the bus driver had already moved him, so all was well. That day I went up to have lunch with him, and he pointed out the mean girls to me. One of them quickly hid behind her friend, with guilt written all over her face. I don't know what Charlie may have done to bring it on, but seeing her gave me a clue that they were being mean. I think just looking at her might've been enough for her to leave him alone from now on, ha!! And I did it with a smile on my face, just letting her know I'm around. But I can't fight for him all the time...and I never know if he does things to provoke. It's such a new challenge for me.

He is definitely more sensitive than he used to be. This can be bad, as I just mentioned, but it can also be good. He's softening and thinking of others more. He rarely rebels anymore, but one time when he did recently, I later talked to him and asked him how he thought Daddy might feel when he treats him disrespectfully or doesn't obey. He was immediately in tears and running to tell Chuck he was sorry. Never in his life had he been that caring for others. It's a sweet trait I hope we see more of.

At night when I give him a hug and kiss to tuck him into bed, he never wants to let go. I love that.

One day he told me he wanted to be a photographer. He loves to take pictures. But something tells me he's destined for even greater things.
behind the scenes of iArt

Then there's this guy...
Chan man.

He broke my heart the other day. While I was making dinner, he kept asking me to play with him upstairs in his room. I finally picked him up and explained that I couldn't play and then I said "I still love you, Chandler." He crossed his arms and said, "I no wuv you Mom, cuz I mad at you. Cuz you won't pway with me in my room. Humph!"

Clearly, he's getting better at communicating and using his words.

He's also getting better at potty training...
Potty Trainer

Although he is rarely wearing the "big boys" so far. He gets going potty (usually) so long as he's naked. Put anything on him at all, and he completely forgets about the potty. I'm not sure how to bridge that gap yet...

But over all he is getting easier in so many ways. He's finally getting better about not making messes (Hallelujah!!!). He actually watches tv now, which is a sign that he's slowing down the mess making! His favorite show is Super Why! which is so funny because of all the boys in the house, you'd think he was the least interested (since he won't be reading any time soon). And every time the Super Why character says "Say Your Name," Chandler always responds "Your name." It never gets old.

I never thought I'd be the one to do this, but I've started phasing him out of naptime...
Tuckered out

Now that Charlie's in school and has to go to bed so early, it's easier if we put them all to bed early. But if Chandler naps during the day, he will not go to sleep at bedtime. So, while he still needs one every 2-3 days, for the most part he no longer has a set nap time.

He is still completely adorable, and he totally knows it...and totally uses it to get whatever he wants. I am still in so much trouble with this boy...

Yet, I often think about how much God blessed me (despite my other plans) with this sweet, happy, adorable personality in my family. Truly, this boy is such a gift... all of them are!

yet another new camera


Kelly said...

So sweet! They're getting so big and so handsome!

The comment about David and Goliath is HILARIOUS. :)

Kathy said...

Angie! Reading and looking at these pictures made me smile. Absolutely smile! You have such a beautiful family. Love, love, LOVE those boys. I cannot believe how big our baby boys are?! Too fast. :o)