Thursday, September 9, 2010

Charlie's stitches

So here's the next segment of the last post.

As I said before, I had put out a canopy in the yard, but then it started raining, and the party was moved to Chuck E. Cheese. Well, in the hustle, I forgot to take down the canopy. The rain water weighed down on it until one of the supports broke. So that evening, I took the canvas top off, and thought I'd just wait until the rain stopped to collapse the frame. One of the supports was hanging down from the center, still broken. After dinner, Charlie disappeared outside for a few minutes, then ran back in crying.

It was one of those...this is serious! kind of cries...

Surely enough, he had tried to climb up that broken support, and as he slid back down, the broken metal end had sliced his foot at the base of his toe.

So off the Texas Med Clinic we went, and Charlie got about 8 stitches.

I would post the before and after photos, but I'm afraid it might gross you out.

But the memory is I wanted to record it. Number of injuries (both involving stitches) thus far: 2. Not too bad for having 3 boys, I guess...

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Kelly said...

Awww :( Is he taking it okay?