Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chance's Half Birthday

This is a bit out of order, but in late June we celebrated Chance's half birthday.

First of all, I planned for it to be a small celebration. We had done a small one on his actual birthday in December with family, and I had planned a small water-party with a few of his friends in June. I spent the day before getting a bunch of water toys ready (including 3 slip-n-slides for racing), and a canopy up to be over the food (and the mommas as we looked on). Then that night before, the weather forecast changed to rain. Lovely! So we opted to just meet at Chuck E Cheese, very last minute. Chance didn't seem to mind.

As we were pulling out of the driveway, we noticed this tag-along...
The Mutant Walking Stick

Knowing that one of Chance's friends loves bugs, I actually managed to put this big walking stick in our car and drive him to Chuck E. Cheese. I think the transformation to boy-mom is complete....

Chandler loves horses. You can imagine his joy when he saw this beaut.
Chance's 4.5 yr birthday party

I could not get him off of it the entire time! ha!

Then it was on to the massive cupcakes from Costco...
Chance's 4.5 yr birthday party

Blowin' them out...
Chance's 4.5 yr birthday party

Eatin' them up...
Chance's 4.5 yr birthday party

The whole gang.
Chance's 4.5 yr bday party

Sweet Elizabeth enjoying her cupcake.
Chance's 4.5 yr birthday party

Chance's friends Waylon and Desmond with their mom (and my friend), Holly.
Chance's 4.5 yr birthday party

Sydney was such a trooper to come to this boy's party and have fun! What a great big sister to boys!
Chance's 4.5 yr birthday party

Chandler enjoyed his cupcake, as if that was any surprise.
Chance's 4.5 yr birthday party

Charlie, too.
Chance's 4.5 yr birthday party

Brady and Max worked off the sugar playing...
Chance's 4.5 yr birthday party

As did their brother, Blake.
Chance's 4.5 yr birthday party

Oliver had fun too.
Chance's 4.5 yr birthday party
(I don't know how I missed William in the photos?! Sorry, Kelly!)

I learned a lesson from this party though. We had bought Chance a big lego set for his half birthday, but I wish we would've had him open it at home, because as he opened all the great presents from his friends, he didn't seem to care...all he wanted to do was play with the big lego set. Oops! Lesson learned...sorry friends!!

Thanks so much to the Morelands, Jacksons, and Whites for coming to make Chance's day so special, for being so flexible with the plans, and for loving us despite the mistakes! ;)

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Unknown said...

I love the idea of celebrating his half birthday. Looks like a great time was had by all! I love the pictures, and I LOVE walking sticks. My son gives me an excuse to hold/carry/photograph bugs, though I'd probably do it anyway.

Happy Half Birthday, Chance!