Monday, July 19, 2010

July 4th

The summer fun is just continuing on here. For July 4th weekend, my sister Mari and her boyfriend (fiancee?) Jimmy came to visit. It was so fun to see them!! The boys, of course, loved having someone else's attention.

We had hoped to see some great fireworks, so, despite the very rainy day thanks to Hurricane Alex, we called Carlos'N'Charlie's in Austin to see if they were still on for a show. They said "Rain or shine, we're having fireworks!" So, on we went. We took the scenic route which is always fun. We met up with Grandma and Grandpa Thier for dinner, then headed over to Nana and Big Daddy's. Shortly after we got there, gearing up to go down to the lake, we found out that Carlos'N'Charlie's had indeed decided to postpone their fireworks til the following night. So we drove to Austin for naught. Bummer.

Saturday we decided we didn't want to make another trek to Austin, so we bootlegged it in the mall parking lot next to Fiesta Tx and watched their fireworks show instead. It was great anyway!!

Aunt Mimi and Jimmy visit

Aunt Mimi and Jimmy visit

Also while they were here, Aunt Mimi and Jimmy went down to the AA convention. There were 60K people downtown for it. I heard later that it was the largest convention San Antonio has ever hosted!! And I'm so proud of my sis and where she is in her life/recovery (and you too, Jimmy!!).

Anyhow, Sunday we went to church and lunch and were sad to say goodbye. The visits are never long enough. The kids keep asking to go to Aunt Mimi's house ever since they left.

Aunt Mimi visits

We love you, Aunt Mimi & Jimmy!

Oh and don't you love Chance's face...

That evening was the actual fourth so we got out some fireworks for the kids.

Can I just say, fireworks scare me? Like, a lot....? Thankfully the boys aren't big enough for the scariest ones, but giving Chandler a sparkler is enough to send me running for the hills!

4th of July light painting

4th of July light painting

Then we put the pyromaniacs to bed, and had a little less scary fun with fireworks.

4th of July light painting

Using the strobe firework....

4th of July light painting


Unknown said...

I love these pictures! Looks like everyone had a great time!

MikeB said...

Waaaaaaay Cool...!!!