Saturday, July 10, 2010

Finishing Up Kindergarten

In that final stretch of school, Charlie got to do something special: say the Pledge of Allegiance in front of the school. Each morning there's a little show televised to each room that is streamed live from fellow students. This time it was Charlie's turn to stand among other students and say the pledge for all to see. My strong leader wasn't even nervous!

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance

And for his final day, we had a short ceremony in his class room. Each student got to read a short piece about what was his/her favorite part of Kindergarten. Charlie's favorite? Science. Is he Chuck's kid or what?!

Last Day of school

Then we watched a slideshow presentation that his teacher had made of their school year. I LOVED how Chance and Chandler wanted to join Charlie...
Last Day of school

This is his awesome teacher. She's retiring this year after 26 years of teaching kinders. She was so good to him!

Last Day of School

The final bus ride home...
Last Day of school

And a little "Orange Cup" to celebrate!! For those who don't know, Orange Cup is a frozen yogurt place near Barnes & Noble in La Cantera Mall. When I asked the boys where they wanted to go for ice cream, they said "Orange Cup" (they don't have to know it's healthier...). For the win!!

Last day of school

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Kathy said...

So, so sweet. My favorite is Charlie getting off of the bus. Such a perfect picture! {They all are actually}

Well done little man. Well.done.