Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacation Quotes

Summer Vacation
Charlie, as he sees a complete stranger walking near us, says "You might think I'm seven. But really I'm only six!"

Summer Vacation
On the drive here Chance says to Charlie "When we get to the beach, you wanna chase the girls? That'd be fun, huh?" (Thank You, God, that they aren't teenagers...yet!)

Summer Vacation
Kaylie formed her first sentence: "Water: fun!"

Summer Vacation
As I put the boys to bed tonight, Chance was a chatterbox. I learned:
1. You'd need a jet pack with your floaties to help you jump high into the pool.
2. Lightning McQueen's dream came true because in his dream he saw Sally.
3. Chance wishes his dream would come true. The one about a volcano and lava.

Chance said "I'm a good swimmer because I drink the water in the pool."

As I put his blue floaties on, Chance says, "I wish we had a sister so she could have pink floaties."

Summer Vacation
Charlie said, "I asked Luke what it was like having a girl (sister) and he said it's not fun. He said she is annoying." (Then gives a thoughtful look, like the thought had never occurred to him as he's been desiring a sister for the last 3 years.) Thank you, Luke, for helping my case! ;)

Summer Vacation
Chance said "Why doesn't the zoo do alligator shows?"
Because alligators aren't very smart; they don't do any tricks. They only know how to catch and eat food.
Chance said, "But what about the dolphin alligator? You ever heard of that? It's an alligator that's super smart and has a long nose and can sing."

We went to the aquarium today which brought up many questions. Chance would like to work with dolphins someday, he decided. I told him he could totally do that when he grows up. Then he said, "But I can't!! I don't have a suit!" (wet suit)

Summer Vacation
Chance said he wanted to see more dolphin shows so I told him there are dolphins at Sea World back home. He then says, with folded hands, "Pwease God, wet me wive at Sea World!!"

Summer Vacation
As we walked the beach, Chandler pointed at a house and said "Wook Mommy! Big House!! Chan-er's big house!!" I guess he wants to live a lavish life on the beach someday. He even yelled at some strangers: "Wook kids! Chan-er's big house!!"

Chance told Chuck "I really want to live on Saturn someday."

Charlie asked me "How far is it from Mercury to Jupiter?" Uhhh....

Charlie said today, "I been thinking about pirates my whole life!!"

Summer Vacation
Kaleb was playing on the beach, and his pants came down so he exclaimed "My butt's open!!"

Chance said "I'm just going to my room."
"I don't know. I just want to." He walks in, looks around, then walks out saying "Yeah, nevermind." (bored much?!)

Chandler, in his usual style, made a big spill of bubbles and rolled in it. Chuck stuck him in the shower where he proceeded to sing "Shake your booty" as he showered off.

Chance: "Hey Charlie, wouldn't it be cool if we had a sister someday?" and just as I was thinking, "Awww" he follows up with "Yeah, then we could chase her!!" (See a theme here?!)

Summer Vacation

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Austin and Ashley Evans said...

I havent read blogs in months but just caught up on yours! LOVE your fun trip and quotes! I was cracking up!! Miss you!