Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mother's Day

I once lamented that the only thing I'm consistent about is inconsistency, which is clear by seeing the "spurts" of blogging I go through. It's a month late, but I still remember Mother's Day weekend vividly. This is mostly due to the fact that my mom and little brother came to visit. :)

Tell me if you see any family resemblance:

Granny visits

Picnic in the park


Anyhow, one of Mom (Granny)'s main objectives was to attend a tball game. For some reason, through most of April and May, the cool fronts seemed to always hit on Saturday mornings, and we'd be freezing at the games. Those poor tball players! Anyhow, here's Granny and Chandler, staying warm.

Granny visits

My mom has a weakness for poor animals, and when she saw the neglect that my dog Hosea had to endure when the kids came along, she graciously took him into her home. He is now completely spoiled rotten. But he was having some skin issues so we took him to the vet while we were here. If you live in San Antonio and need a Vet, MaryNell Massey is the best!

A slightly worried Granny with an overly scared Hosea....

Scared Puppy

Also, my brother watched the boys while we were in the exam room with Hosea. He took this shot. What amazes me is they aren't hanging from the rafters.

tilt shift taken by Bubba

And from the weekend, this was the best shot my brother would give me of himself. Silly boy! Or should I say "Silly man!" now that he's nearly 17?! Wow, I feel old.

My best shot of Bubba

Also, since it was Mother's Day, Mom and I got pedicures. So fun! And then, to my surprise, she and Chuck had been plotting a sweet gift for me....

My Mother's Day Gift!!
Chuck got the bracelet, the boys each got me a little boy charm, and Charlie helped Granny pick out the guardian angel charm. Charlie LOVES picking out presents for people, and he's quite good at it too!

It was a great weekend! Thanks, Mom and Bubba, for making it so special! I am so blessed.

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Kristi said...

I have the same butterfly charm! James Avery is my favorite jewelry! Glad you had a good Mothers Day!