Friday, June 11, 2010

3 Good Things

Today started out a bit rough. At 4 am Chance came into my room with a fever. He slept beside our bed on a pallet and I worried the rest of the night. Then, Charlie followed suit with a fever once he got up. By 11 am they were both complaining of headaches. At 4pm Chance vomited (in my bed) while taking a nap in the darkest room in the house because of his headache. We rushed to the dr, and God bless him, he saw us as the last patients of the day. They tested positive for strep. Thankfully, we got the first dose of antibiotic in them tonight and I'm hoping they sleep well and feel better tomorrow.

While all this was going on, I was also wrestling with various computer issues. We turned all of our flickr photos to private, so if you want to see them you have to a. have a flickr account (it's free), and b. friend request us. I am keeping the blog photos public. But in the midst of all this I have to recode all of the photos on every single blog post here (back to 2005) because the old links don't work. And I was trying to burn some photos to disc to no avail, etc, etc. I did manage to give the blog a face lift...what do you think? Constructive criticism welcome.

But the reason I'm posting all this bad stuff is because some things made me REALLY happy this evening to offset it all:

1. Blueberries are on sale at HEB. I know that's not a big deal, but I have grown to love blueberries. However, I'm not willing to shell out $4.50+ for a little container. I know, I'm cheap, but $2.50 a container means I get to buy them, which makes me happy!

2. I met a gentleman who works at Home Depot (I 10 and De Zavala) who has given me new hope that I can paint. This weekend I'm tackling a project of painting some cabinets (I may post a before and after sometime). But this is the first time for me to pick up a brush since I did a terrible job in my bedroom nearly 5 years ago. I had convinced myself that painting was something I couldn't do. Then I met Bob. He said he's a retired teacher from the Navy and he'll give a free class to anyone who comes in ready to start a project. He takes about 45-60 minutes to give a tutorial on how to paint with great efficiency and do it well. He said some paint contractors have taken his class and say that it's cut their work time down, some even by 50%! You could tell he had a real passion for seeing people succeed... I think I might just try to fix my bedroom walls someday...maybe even paint the boys' room! I've been dreaming of it, but didn't think I could do it...

P.S. If painting is something you're interested in, you should totally check out a blog called Remodelaholic. It's inspired me to repurpose a few things and to decorate better...

3. THE GREATEST THING that happened this evening was getting a Facebook Message and friends request from my Compassion child!! Chuck and I have sponsored her for 6+ years. Even when times were tough, God always provided enough for us to keep her. And through our letters I've grown to love this girl. I recently made a notebook of all of her letters and have started showing the boys. Charlie and Chance just got their own Compassion children to write a couple of months ago. But when I saw her message, I cried. It was the sweetest blessing I could've ever imagine. Just try to read this without letting it pull your heartstrings, I dare you:

"Good day! to you how are you today..... I hope you and your family are fine how's your life? I LOVE YOU take care and God bless you always......


The "I LOVE YOU" in all caps - that did me in. ;) Mishcell is in 5th grade, and had just written us her first all-in-English letter last month (no need for translators). To see yet another one in my Facebook inbox was astounding.

{UPDATE: Thanks to my friend Stacy for the heads up, I found that Compassion recommends not corresponding with your compassion child on Facebook. They said it's common for adults to create an account for the child and then threaten the child if the sponsor doesn't give money. Not good. It's almost like a form of kidnapping. It's such a weird world we live in...}

I'm so grateful God allowed this day to end on such a great note. What good things have you been blessed with lately?

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Kathy said...

'The "I LOVE YOU" in all caps'


To be honest Ang, this has been a rough day, but your post {and the hilarious video you post of Chandler} made me smile...big.

So thanks friend...for you!