Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Deer

So, this is really meant to be after the "Birthday" post and before the Garner post...

We were on our way home from our little trip to Fort Worth, and we had all the boys loaded (and nearly nodding off), as we drove down some dark country roads between Austin and San Antonio. Specifically, on 3351, South of Kendalia, and just North of the Guadalupe River.

Chuck was driving when we spotted a deer eating right beside the road. Our speed was about about 70, and when Chuck had slowed to about 50 mph, the deer acted like it was about to run away. At the last second, it decided to sprint out in front of us instead. There was little reaction time. Chuck braked more, but there was no missing the deer. It sprinted a few steps and was hit dead center in front of our minivan.

While it was a bit of a bump kind of feel in the car, the car stayed straight and didn't seem to have any problems. Thankfully, the deer only rolled slightly up before deflecting off into the night, on the other side of the road. We both went, "Whew, that was close!" and kept driving. Charlie said "What was that?" and Chuck casually replied "Nothin'." Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a happy one likes hitting a deer. If it hadn't been pitch black (and there was no shoulder, only slope), then we would've stopped to check on it. Really, there was nothing more Chuck could've done, with the way it decided to dart out in front of us.

So, about a mile later we found a driveway and pulled in just to check the damage. It was a lot more than we expected.

This is what happens

this is what happens

We were grateful to make it home without any problems. The van then spent about one and a half weeks in the shop. We used Legend Collision Center and they did a great job! They even delivered the van to us when it was done.

What I wish I would've photographed was our other car, a Ford Escape, stuffed to the gills with stuff for our camping trip to Garner! It was my greatest packing feat to date!

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