Monday, May 3, 2010


This year marked the second year for us to go camping at Garner State Park with our friends. Some of them have been doing it for 4 years now, and it's easy to see why. This time, instead of leaving on Friday afternoon, we made a longer weekend by showing up Thursday evening. Thankfully, it was Fiesta weekend, so the kids were out of school Friday. This made it feel much more like a vacation.

While I call it camping, I'm not sure that it completely qualifies, since we stay in cabins that have a full bathroom and full kitchen. But I'm not complaining. ;) It's the only camping we tend to do all year, and really, I don't know that we'd even do that if it weren't for having such great company with us! This year we had 5 families, which meant 10 adults and 15 kids. The boys had a blast playing with their friends (as do we)! We really missed one family, the Thompsons, though. They had their newest additions -yes, plural, it's twins!- the day after we got back.

Just to warn you, this post will be a little picture heavy since both Chuck and I kept cameras nearby the whole time.

Here's that "friends are the best" thing I was talking about...
Garner 2010

We swam/waded in the Frio river (brrr!)
Last from Garner

Last from Garner

And Charlie even got to do the rope swing.
Garner 2010

One morning the dads and older kids took a hike up to Painted Rock and Crystal Cave.
Last from Garner

Chuck took a panorama at the top:
Garner State Park Panorama
If you're so inclined, check out the larger view. It's worth it...

Meanwhile the moms and little ones played on the playground.
Garner 2010
{Chance with Linden and Brady. All of the kids thought it was so funny to have slide-pile-ups.}

Speaking of cute, Chandler enjoyed someone's butterfly net.
Garner 2010

On another morning I got to do a small hike with Charlie and Chance, where we explored a little cave. Kudos to Jeff Henderson for taking this pic with my camera. This was in the back of the cave where only the kids could squeeze into a small area. It was also pitch black so I was amazed that my camera was able to get this. (We got a new category of camera that I'm excited about...more to come on that...)
More from Garner!
{Charlie, Brooks, Chance}

Sarah Henderson had the great idea to bring pillow cases and have the kids draw on them, creating a tradition for years to come...
Garner 2010

Chance and Max helped Chuck make his squirrel noise.
Garner 2010

Here are all the kids (not counting babies) getting ready to attack a pinata.
Garner 2010

Each night, after the kids went to bed, the adults would corral around the camp fire and chat. It was the perfect way to end each day.
Last from Garner

And here is Stacia's picture of our whole group. :)
Stacia's group shot

And the silly shot.
Stacia's silly group shot

And our family. (Thanks, Sarah!)
Garner 2010

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