Monday, March 29, 2010

This just doesn't happen

Yesterday it was a beautiful spring day, and this year due to the rain we've gotten, the bluebonnets are plentiful. So I decided almost on a whim to load up the family and go for an "adventure" in a field and take photos. NEVER would I have dreamed that we would get this many good ones, especially in under 45 minutes. I'm sure it helped that I promised candy at the end if the boys cooperated, but still. I went in hoping to get a couple of keepers. The boys all amazed me with their patience and enthusiasm.

We put the camera on a tripod and Chuck tripped the shutter with a remote. This was the first shot.



I loved that Chuck caught this since I know this stage will be fleeting...

And this one too.

This is my favorite.

And since Easter is next Sunday...



I can't guarantee all of bluebonnets are still intact, but for those in San Antonio, this is the SE corner of I 10 and 1604.

{Photog friends - How do the colors look? On my uncalibrated laptop they look too blue. (I processed on my calibrated PC) Is it that way to you? And the solar flare shot - I can't seem to tone down the orange without it looking strange... Advice/ constructive criticism welcome!}


~Shari said...

I personally thing the blues are super awesome color over here on my work PC.

These are some awesome photos you captured! Thanks so much for sharing.

hipMomma said...

I think the blues look good. And why tone down the orange? Sunset shots with flare are really supposed to be like that. I think it adds to the beauty. My fave is your fave, so cute.

Where did you park? Cuz I'm stealing that spot I think.

Ana said...

They look great Angie!

Kelly said...

Wow, just wow. The one of you walking with the three boys actually almost made me tear up a little bit. Beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

I love the flare shot! They're all lovely, actually. The colors look spot-on to me. Beautiful captures, in terms of moments and photographically. Nicely done.

Stacia said...

Can you please tell me what is up with that? The day after I post my grumpy child in the bluebonnets and you label it PCS you get fabulous ones with your kids.

How does that happen that you got a good one of all FIVE of you? If I paid someone a small fortune it would still be a miracle.

By the way, I don't think they are too blue and I do love the orange in the sun flares.