Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let the sports begin

The day has finally arrived. The boys are now in sports.

I lagged in putting Charlie into a sport for a long time because I wasn't sure how to handle it with 2 little ones in tow. But finally the guilt of preventing Charlie from being involved in something I know he would love got the best of me. Also, I felt like Chandler's old enough now that it really wouldn't be too difficult. What I didn't anticipate was the meltdown Chance would have at Charlie's first practice because he wanted to play too. Or that we'd now have 2 practices a week to attend since Chance got on a team as well. Or the joy that lights up Chance's face when he gets to practice...

Chance's first t-ball practice

Chance's first t-ball practice

From a photography standpoint, practice is during the "golden hour" of the day near sundown when photo taking is Which gives us something to do on the sidelines... when we're not playing ring-around-the-rosies with the younger ones.


Charlie is loving t-ball. The day we heard what team he was on, Chuck came home early and took him to Academy to get his gear. He was so very excited.


I've been told he has a strong arm and good concentration. If only he didn't run like duck, ha!! We're working on the form and speed. But overall, he's transitioned so naturally into a player. I'm hoping that means that no one can tell he hasn't played before now...

More tball

And because he has double cow-licks that give him great "alfalfa" hair, I couldn't resist this one.

And as far as skill, Chance is the opposite. Got a long ways to go with throwing, but he can run like the wind...and I LOVE his running man pose.
Chance's first t-ball practice

As for Chandler, he can't wait to play.

Chuck has really taken to the sports thing, and is even coming home early enough to take the boys to their practices. What a great dad!!

Just one more week until we start the games! This is a perk to motherhood that I've been looking forward to for a long time. I just need to find some pom-poms... ;)


Mom said...

Angie we can make so pom poms...I would love to have some too :))) can't wait to be there and make a game ...YAY Go TEAM GO !!!

Familia Rosales said...

Wait until picture time comes and you can order pins with their picture :) I couldn't resist buying one last year for Alex's first soccer season!

Sarah T. said...

The Thompson boys are so proud that mom put Charlie in the game! Way to go.

Anna Ellis said...

Aww, they're so big now! I will be there for a few games... just write me and tell me when... or call me! Tell them Aunt Annie and Uncle Charlie are SO PROUD OF THEM!

Stacia said...

Welcome to the world of sports. It's about time.... enjoy that picture taking in the perfect time. Love it! I also really love Charlie's hair, it's awesome.