Friday, March 19, 2010

Chandler's Second Birthday

On March 1st we celebrated 2 years of Chandler.
We started off that Monday morning with our usual cinnamon roll ceremony.
Good morning, Birthday Boy!
Note the bed hair to complete the scene.

Then we joined Charlie for his lunchtime at school. If you look closely, one of his top "chicklet" teeth is starting to come out.
Lunch with Charlie

Then after dinner, we had a cookie cake. As you know, my kids' faces stay covered in food...especially Chandler's! And he really is getting into the idea of blowing out candles. Although with his breakfast candles he wanted to touch them first.
Big 2 Year old!

The following Friday, Chuck endeavored to make Chandler a train birthday cake. I would've done it but it looked way to complicated to me. But Chuck pulled it off and it turned out great.
Making Chandler's Birthday Cake

Making Chandler's Birthday Cake

Making Chandler's Birthday Cake

He also made a freight car, but it didn't survive my mad driving skills. :-\ However, I do somewhat blame Austin's traffic. It took us 2.5 hours to get to Cedar Park. It reminded me of why I can't stand IH-35...
Chandler's Birthday Party

But Chandler managed to have a fun time anyway...
Chandler's Birthday Party

We met up with all the family in Austin on a beautiful Saturday morning.
Grandma and Grandpa Thier
Chandler's Birthday Party

Aunt Anna and Cousin William
Chandler's Birthday Party

Big Daddy on tattoo duty...
Chandler's Birthday Party

Aunt Meesh and cousin Hendrix
Chandler's Birthday Party

Nana was there.
Chandler's Birthday Party

The boys' only girl-cousin in Texas, Kaylie...
Chandler's Birthday Party

And her big brother, Kaleb..who happens to be 9 months older than whom I credit Chandler's existence. Newborn holding = baby fever (even subconsciously).
Chandler's Birthday Party

Elijah, Uncle Jason, Aunt Melanie, and Uncle Ryan were also there. (Sorry, no pictures.)

Then it was time to enjoy that beautiful cake.
Chandler's Birthday Party

He's got the candle-blowing down now.
Chandler's Birthday Party

It was ALL good...
Chandler's Birthday Party

Then it was back to playing...
Chandler's Birthday Party

Chandler's Birthday Party
(Thanks, Anna for the above pictures!)

Chandler's Milestones
A lovely day

About 4-5 months ago he started saying "No" and throwing fits. I told Chuck it was a shame because I really liked that boy. ;) But overall he's still more of a charmer than a defiant child. He is in that independent stage where he'll ask for something, but if I give it to him then he sees that as helping him, so he has to say "No!" and waits until I put it down so he can pick it up himself.

For his birthday, his aunt asked what he's into, which really was a hard question to answer. He's into the kitchen cabinets. And the fridge. And the drawers around the house. And especially the tuperware. His very favorite activity is wrecking up his brothers' lego creations. The child doesn't play with toys! However, he does love to watch trains. Polar Express and Thomas are the only shows he'll pay attention to. Unlike his brothers, he's not the least bit interested in television (which is ok with me. Except when I want to take a shower or have a phone conversation!). It's been fun to watch his personality emerge this year. He is completely different than his brothers. At this age, Charlie loved cars, Chance loved balls, and Chandler loves...mischief! He is so cute though, which definitely keeps him alive. ;)

The other day, he found this little guy and called him "Daddy guy!" If you look closely, it's a man with a laptop.

And as usual, here's the last year in pictures.


Kelly said...

So cute! He sounds like such a fun little guy... which we could hang out with them more!

Kathy said...

Oh Angie, he is precious! {How did our baby boys grow so fast?!} Looks like a wonderful party. You're an amazing mama. What fun memories!
Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!

Stacia said...

Ang! I loved this post. That boy is such a cutie and I get that that's part of the only reason he's alive. I tell Stefan that almost every night about Channing that it's a good thing she's cute...

I am WAY impressed by Chuck and his baking skills and by the way, you could have totally done that. You crack me up that the extra car didn't make it. Doesn't matter what it looks like, just that it tasted good.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Chandler is so cute! The pics are great!