Monday, February 8, 2010

Good Morning, Mess Maker

Chandler is notorious for making messes. There's nothing he delights in more than dumping things out everywhere. But this morning's mess was good enough to record here, I think...

Chandler's usual routine, when he wakes up, is to come straight downstairs and wake us up. But this morning, he instead went straight to the kitchen, and ever so quietly used his newest skill: opening the fridge and freezer. With doors wide open, he got out the "Push Up" popsicles that I'd just told Charlie he could eat after school, opened the whole dozen of them, and proceeded to try to eat them all before they melted.

My morning
(This pic doesn't include the big puddle of purple popsicle in the dining room...)

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Stacia said...

That's awesome! Where are the pictures to prove it? :)

Miss seeing you and miss the updates on the blog. I know, I know, go to Facebook...