Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Parties

One of the joys of having kids in school is going to their parties. Unfortunately, this year, Charlie and Chance's overlapped, which made it kinda tough to decide when to go to what, but I managed to be there for all of Chance's and the second half of Charlie's.

Here are a few shots from Chance's...
Showing off his decorated gingerbread cookie (followed by consuming said cookie).
OHC Prek K Christmas Party 09

Chandler even got to sit and participate, especially when it came time to eat (which is his favorite activity!).
OHC Prek K Christmas Party 09

I actually got to share with the kids the story about Jesus with a series of boxes, each containing an element to the story. It's from the same maker as "Resurrection Eggs" and was a neat way to get the kids to interact with the story instead of just listening to it.

Another activity was pin the ornament on the tree.
OHC Prek K Christmas Party 09

And we had another story, along with a couple of other crafts, and the kids had made gifts for the parents. SO fun.

And on to Charlie's party...

Here's Charlie with his teacher. She has been so great!! I'm sad that she's retiring this year, because she is clearly very good at what she does. God blessed us greatly by allowing Charlie to be in her class!
Charlie & His Great Teacher

This is one of my favorite things about parties: the mamarazzies!! It makes me feel so validated in my photography! ;)
Aue Kinder Holiday Party 09

The kids did a book exchange and Charlie was so excited to get a Spiderman book that was at his reading level.
Aue Kinder Holiday Party 09

The kids then had a snack and exchanged other little gifts as well. Then it was outside to enjoy a picture perfect day on the playground.
The kids even had their own relay race.
Aue Kinder Holiday Party 09

Checking out the loot.
Aue Kinder Holiday Party 09

Up next, Christmas!

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