Monday, January 25, 2010

The Boys Lately

Backyard photoshoot attempt

Things have been quiet lately, I know. Life is just busy with boys, and other than events, I am not as good about recording their little stories. But here are a few, especially for those who don't see these updates on facebook (I've given up on twitter, btw. So facebook is the way to go...)

Today Chandler completed his first joke. For months now it's been a never-ending loop:
Chan: "Knock Knock"
"who's there?"
Chan: "Chicken"
"Chicken who?"
Chan: "Knock Knock..."

But today it was ..."Chicken who?" and he said "cook a doodle do!!"

Here are the last 6 months of tweets about the boys...

"When I grow up I want to be an elf." ~Chance (I'm gonna remind him of that when his lil brother grows taller than him...)


I bought the boys each identical little (stuffed) puppies today, yet Chandler insists that Chance's is his (no matter which one Chance has)...Envy runs deep in this boy, LOL.
January 13 at 4:11pm

The Adventures of a Toothless boy

the tooth came out today. He was so proud to tell us that his friend showed him how to twist and pull it out. Such a boy!

January 12 at 8:25pm

The Adventures of a Toothless boy

Charlie has his first loose tooth! :)

After Chance unbuckled his seat belts for the first time today, he said "Wook, Mom! I'm already becoming a dad!" (Dad=man)

"Widdle boys, when they grow up, they become Dads. Mommy, it's taking so wong for me to become a Dad!" ~Chance

January 4 at 9:31pm


Happy birthday, Chancey boy! What a joy you are!

overheard at 4:30 am from the living room "Ahwesome! Choo choo! Ahhhwesome Choo CHOO!!!" ~Chandler (Who told the toddler to wake up early?!)

December 25, 2009 at 9:19pm


"I hope Chance gets me an air guitar for Christmas!" ~Charlie

December 22, 2009 at 8:18pm

to celebrate no school and no 6:30 am alarms, we're watching a Pixar marathon until the kids pass out!!! :)

December 18, 2009 at 10:23pm

"When Charlie gets a spanking, that makes my heart sad." ~Chance

December 16, 2009 at 10:13pm

Charlie's trying to talk me into playing farmville. Thanks, Granny! Hah!

love this quote: "Bringing up a family should be an adventure, not an anxious discipline in which everybody is constantly graded for performance." – Milton R. Saperstein

December 1, 2009 at 9:44pm Friends and Networks ·


listening to Chandler "read" his book is one of the most heartmelting moments ever.

December 1, 2009 at 5:28pm Friends and Networks ·

"Someday I'll have my own top secret." ~Charlie

December 1, 2009 at 3:59pm Friends and Networks
shatterproof doesn't mean Charlie-proof. from web

Chance is wandering around the house, singing "Jesus is my best friend." Oh, Lord may it be true, now and forever.... from web

it is a happy day in the Thier home when a Lego Magazine arrives in the mail!

"You know that gowwillas are monkeys' dads?" ~Chance

Is that good, Chan?

After I changed Chandler's sheets I told him his bed was "nice" & clean. So he spent 15 min declaring various objects as "nice."

last night as I put Chance to bed in his OWN room for the 1st time, it was sweet that both of his brothers wanted to sleep with him.

today I handed Chance his lunch and cookie, so he gave himself goals "Just 1 more bite, then I can eat my cookie." Bite, then say it again.

Today we pulled out the s'mores! I love cooler weather!!

"How bout next Halloween I can be Green Goblin, Chance can be Spiderman, Daddy can be Sand Man and you can be Hot Girl? Ok Mommy?" ~Charlie

Chandler promptly found all the stuffed animals and piled them high on big brother so he could sleep comfortably and safely thru the night.

Last night Charlie passed out, so Chandler followed me as I carried him to his bed.

So thankful the whole family got to go trick or treating at our friends' annual party!! Pictures to follow...

"Look at my eyeball! It's watching tv!" ~Chance (toy eyeball, that is)

Got a glowing parent teacher conference report on Charlie. Patient, kind, bright, etc... I couldn't be more thankful. :)

"I a strong kid, so I call myself 'mighty.'" - Chance
How do you discipline that?!

When I asked Chance why he got out of his bed at bedtime, he said, "But I wanted to tell you thank you for the food (at dinner)."

Chuck got between Chandler and I, so Chandler said, "Bad Da Da!!"

I have one wild child on my hands!

Chandler went from saying "Jesus" for the first time, to trying to cut us all in half with his toy chainsaw before bed.

All Chance and Chandler want to do is play with Charlie. All Charlie wants is to be left alone. It's tough being the oldest.

So when I told him no food for breakfast, he said "Fine, I won't play with you any.more.!"

Today's the big day - Chance goes to the hospital to get dental work done.

"How do babies come out of your tummy, Mommy?" ~Charlie

"Ou Char Char? Ou Char Char?" ~Chandler After a 5 day family trip, Chandler can't understand why Charlie went back to school.

"But....I hit him gently!!" ~Chance

Chance - "How'd you do that, Charlie?" Charlie - "It's science!"
The kids made fun of "ducky Charlie." Mom FAIL.

Charlie came home from school yesterday upset that when the teacher asked for a baby photo, I sent one of him in a cute ducky robe.

Backyard photoshoot attempt

rest in peace Toshiba laptop. You were short lived but I'm sure the abuse of 3 lil boys contributed to your demise. I'll miss you.

"It's like the transformers are fighting in my mouth!" ~Charlie while on gas at the dentist, listening to the drill and tools...

kinder is serving him well. He's got a few words he knows now, and he's learning how to sound out words. It's fun to watch!

Yes! (raises fist in the air) I can read! And I'm only 5 years old!!" ~Charlie

Chance told a joke where "poopy head" was the punchline. Charlie's response? "That's lame, Chance."

Pulled out winter clothes for Chan & put the 18 mo size on him. He turned 18 mo 9/1, & they're already too small! Big Chan strikes again!

we've settled into a school routine & Chuck & I decided tonight that WE are the ones having difficulty with the early morning schedule, ha!

"This is the worsest day ever." ~Charlie (he says it everyday, every time something happens he doesn't like.)

If you clean the toy room, they will come.

"Dada, Mama, Bebeee, Chanz, n Chaz..." ~Chandler

While I'm excited about the idea of not needing the monitor anymore, I can't bring myself to take down the crib just yet...for the last time

Chandler has promoted himself to a big bed. Last night he figured out how to climb out of his crib -his brothers thought that was hilarious!

90% for weight, 95% for height, the charts for head circumference. :)

"Aside from a remarkably large head, Chandler (aka Chuck's Mini-Me) is perfectly normal." ~pediatrician at Chan's 18 mo checkup.

Chandler keeps getting mad and calling me a "bad boy!"

Chuck just got his bday present a week early because Chance spilled the beans. Note to self: a 3 yr old is not able to keep a secret! :-P

"I dreamed a hundred dreams last night!" ~Chance

Chan's fave thing to do today: find a toilet that hasn't been flushed and add toys to it. It's happened 3 times already. UGH.

so thankful for my man who keeps me grounded when these 3 precious lil souls have me teetering on the edge...

"You know what, Mommy? I'm growing up!" ~Chance

Why can't baby monitors come equipped with snooze buttons?

Chuck: "Charlie, did you do anything fun at school today?" Charlie: "I rode the bus. That was fun."

most certainly did not cry after putting Charlie on the bus this morning. Nuh uh. That would be ridonculous! It's only kinder, right?!

"You are out of your mind, Chance." ~ Charlie

"Mommy, I not eating your candy. I just looking at it." ~Chance

Chandler learned how to blow a whistle, so now he's running around like an irate referee.

"Mommy what if you had a girl in your tummy...and 2 boys, too?!" ~Chance

What do you do when you're done eating your food? Smear it on your face, of course!

"Yoohoo? Da Da? Yoohoo?" Chandler doesn't understand that Daddy doesn't work at home anymore.

"Wow, Mom, you know everything!" ~Charlie

Chandler walks about as graciously in high heels as his momma does. :)

Backyard photoshoot attempt

Charlie: "Those are sugar ants." Me: "But they just bit Chandler." Charlie: "Then they must think he's sugar."

"Yeah, I am ALWAYS funny." ~Chance

"Chandler looks just like Daddy, except Daddy has more fur." ~Charlie

As they were wrestling, Chance sat on Bubba's head and farted. It must be tough being an uncle to boys!

Charlie: "You're fired, Chance."Chance: "No I not! I not on fire!!"

Chandler made up a new song. It goes "Mamaaaa, Dadaaaa, YeaYeaahhh, (clap, clap, clap, clap)."

Chandler decided to take off his diaper, get in the tub, put in the plug, and turn the water on...not bad for 16 months old.

Charlie's Wii Age is 72. Man that makes me feel better. ;)

I don't think Chandler will ever ignore a call to the dinner table.

just experienced an incredible VBS. The OHC Children's Ministry rocks my socks off!

"...and then I rode a pooty rocket all the way home!" ~Chance

My bed must be comfy, because it's 10 am and Chance is still sleeping in it!

Charlie's been working on sportmanship. So when Chance won a game, I said "What do you say?" - Charlie said "Good job, Cheater!"

Note to self: a 16 month old requires a professional hair cut.

Charlie informed me that his build-a-bear dog is lonely and wants a build-a-bear puppy to play with. What have we started?!

"It not nice to call people names, Charlie!! You're a Poo Poo head!" ~Chance

I hope someday they can grasp what an incredible father they have!

lately Chuck has been putting the boys to sleep by playing guitar and singing Bible songs.

while i was in the bathroom, chan was looking up the source code for the loan rates at our credit union. i have no idea how he did that.

Chandler's new word for today: "Uh oh" in the cutest, most innocent voice. (But don't let it fool you!!)

i'm holding the boys' pet grasshopper while they swim in the pool. This is one of the "perks" of bring a boy-mom :)

Charlie is psyched about Chandler's newest word, "Charlie" (sounds like Cha-ee)

"Mommy, it taking so wooong for you to wake up!" ~Chance at 8 am.

Chance got mad at Chan and said "Bad Boy!" - so Chan said it right back to him!

kinda heartbroken that I had to put Charlie and Chance to bed 2 hours early :(

The child who loves to change his mind just sang a song: "Nevermind, Nevermiiiind, Never, Never, Nevermind."

Wow, it's hard to believe this was one year ago almost to the day... They grow so fast.

Charlie built a "Big Big House" (like the Audio A song) out of lincoln logs today :) It was fun to talk about our big house in Heaven.

Finally figured out what Chance's laugh sounds like: a dolphin (you know, like Flipper?).

A wasp flew into Chandler's shirt and stung him 5 times. :(
Beginning to wonder if Chandler's been possessed by the Tazmanian Devil...

"Good guys have to always win; Bad guys have to always lose." ~Chance

Took Chan outside after dinner in order to get a reprieve from the mess making.

"Ow, I hurt my private parts! ...Oh it's ok, they still work." ~Charlie, while swimming.

"I don't want lunch, I want SUGAR!" ~Chance
Chandler learned how to flush the toilet. Can we say "uh oh"?!

Sir Sleeps-Alot and the Slumbering Dragon had to be aroused this morning before they missed a day full of adventure.

Sheesh, Chandler has cut 6 teeth this week, 3 were molars. He's catching up for cutting them late.

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