Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Chance!!

I could be blogging about Christmas parties and Christmas, but today I have this guy on my mind...

Backyard photoshoot attempt

Can you believe he'll be 4 years old tomorrow?! Here's a little slideshow I put together with his favorite song...

Oh, Chance, what a blessing you are!

Poor guy will always hear his Momma go on and on about how he was my only picture perfect delivery, the one I'd dreamt of, where the baby was born and placed on my chest, and never had to leave the room. The family came in later to hold him and we all prayed and thanked God for this incredible gift!

He's grown into quite the character. He's the perfect complement to his big brother, quick to share, and willing to learn. He is hilarious too! He has a great imagination and loves to make up stories. He's very laid back, not usually demanding, and quick to say he's sorry or to turn from being angry. He's friendly, often drumming up conversations with strangers, and is often heard saying "Hey, I've seen you before!!"

Last week he told me "When Charlie gets a spanking, that makes my heart sad." He is empathetic and loving (usually, ha!). He's also a bit introverted. When there's a big group, he often likes to break out onto his own for awhile. He loves school, and he loves his brothers. There's a sweetness about him that always makes me smile.

We love you, Chance. Happy Birthday, big boy!!


Ana said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!!! What a great idea to do a slide show! Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays. :)

Ana said...

Oh, and wonderful pictures in the slide show!