Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And now for Santa

Yesterday, my friend Kelly and I were talking about how Bass Pro Shops has advertised having a Santa in their store, and maybe we should go. By that evening, we realized maybe we should go now before Thanksgiving, in case it's not as busy as it'll be after thanksgiving... and we did. And we were so glad. It was 7 pm last night (Santa's there from 5-8 pm daily), and there was no line!

Here's what the Santa set up looks like. He's the real deal, too. So sweet.

Meeting Santa at Bass Pro Shops

Here are Kelly's kids. Big kudos to that brave 3 year old who stood by Santa, even despite her fear.
The Jacksons meet Santa

As you can see, fear got the best of Chandler.
Meeting Santa at Bass Pro Shops

Meeting Santa at Bass Pro Shops

Then they told him their mile long list of toys... because, ya know, they don't really have any. ;)
Meeting Santa at Bass Pro Shops

And I think Santa knew the way to Chandler's heart, because he gave out candy. Chandler stood as far away as he could, and reeeaached for the candy.
He got just close enough to take the candy!

So I thought I'd sit with can see how well that worked. I think it's funny how Chandler and Santa have the same expressions.
Meeting Santa at Bass Pro Shops

They had a truly Santa's workshop thing going on, complete with a train set, which had Chance mesmerized.
Still in love with trains

I think the ad said, "Make Thanksgiving Day a Nascar Race Day." LOL
Meeting Santa at Bass Pro Shops

Then the kids wrote letters to Santa. This one was taken by Heath, of William.
photos by Heath

And sweet Elizabeth.
photos by Heath

And this was my favorite shot of the night.
the high contrast b/w

Thanks for joining us on the adventure, Jackson family!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Austin and Ashley Evans said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing the info! We're going to try and take Brooke this week!