Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thier Family Reunion

Two weeks ago, we were in Houston at a conference for Precept Bible Study Leader Training. (Thanks, Mom for watching the boys so we could attend!) But then we got word that Chuck's cousin, Jon, had been in an accident on his motorcycle and we wished we were closer to Austin. We got the news that evening that he wasn't going to make it. I think it was fitting that it had been rainy and gloomy all weekend in Houston. We cried many tears, not only for our loss, but especially for his wife and 3 kids. One of those kids, Lacey, went to UTSA a few years back, and the whole family came down to help her move in, and made sure to visit us. Lacey became very dear to my heart during that year and I miss her greatly now that she's back in Austin.

When something tragic like this happens, there's not really much to say. You just want to be there with the person.

But we finished our conference, spent a little time with my mom and family, then headed home to hear about funeral services in Austin. We were thankful to hear that Chuck's sisters were flying in from out of state to be there, and Chuck's parents were booking it home in their RV for it as well. It was bittersweet, I guess...a sad reason to congregate, but oh how we'd missed them! We hadn't seen Mitsi and Tammy in over a year, and Mom & Dad have been traveling in the Midwest since April.

We headed up to Austin that Wednesday, staying in Meesh & Ryan's nice new BIG house. So excited to have lodging again (Thanks, y'all!)! Then Thursday we attended the funeral. It was huge - at least 400 people, maybe even 600 were there. The service was beautiful, as odd as that sounds. There was peace in the midst of suffering, and even joy. How do explain that apart from a merciful God?! I was so thankful to get time to be with Lacey. And that evening, once the boys went to bed, Meesh and I headed out to Lacey's house, where I treasured the time of telling the stories of Jon's he'd met his wife Lori, what it was like having 3 kids, etc. It was precious.

We stayed on through the weekend, and enjoyed some much needed time with the Thier family. Here are the pictures.

Thier family reunion
Chuck & Yvonne Thier and their kids.

Thier family reunion
Tammy & Mitsi enjoying some time with our neice Kaylie.

Thier family reunion
Chuck and his sister Mitsi.

Thier family reunion
Tammy & Mom Thier

Thier family reunion
Chuck took this picture while they were at Salt Lick, and I can almost smell the BBQ just looking at it!!

Thier family reunion
Tammy & Grandpa reading a story with Chandler

Thier family reunion
Charlie putting the beat down on Uncle Jason, ha!! I feel sorry for the uncles in the family, Charlie and Chance seem to think they live for wrestling.

Thier family reunion
Chandler wearing Tammy's boots and talking on Kaylie's phone.

Seymour family, we love you dearly, and there's not a day that has gone by that we haven't been thinking of you.

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Unknown said...

What a great record of the memories and fun! Some serious family love going on in these shots; it makes me smile.