Monday, September 7, 2009

Mess Maker

What to do with lunch?

Chuck and I often wonder if Chandler may be the biggest mess maker of them all. Truly, this child's creative curiosity is astounding.

But then I ran across a list from awhile back that I had started about another mess-making toddler. Maybe since I hadn't slept much since then, I couldn't remember just how messy the preceding mess makers were. Perhaps his brother could've given him a run for his money...
Here's the list:


~squirted the hand soap all over the couch and the bar.

~taken out the batteries of the remote and lost the battery cover.

~pulled all the paper out of the printer.

~Put his hand in the potty after making poopie. (Can I just saw "Eww! Boys are GROSS!!")

~stomped all over a box of cookies. (Or should I say "cookie crumbs"?)

~wadded up a bunch of new envelopes.

~took a book of printed pages and got them all out of order.

~got into the bandaids and stuck them all over himself and the bathroom. (Oh wait, I have a picture for this one:

This is what happens
And it's dated November 2008 - so less than a year ago!! Wow, my memory is shot.

This is what happens

~scattered the needles, pins and threads of my sewing kit around the house.

~Poured cinnamon all over the floor, himself, and his food.

This is what Happens

~Pushed Chuck's work laptop off of the couch and broke it. (Thank God for warranties!)

~Pulled a can of red creme soda off the counter, causing an explosion all over the kitchen.

So, I'm sorry, Chan Man. I don't know that I can dub you the greatest Mess Maker of them all.

What to do with lunch?

It's ok, bud. I'd rather dub you the cutest toddler of them all anyway...


ALFA Ministries said...

Wow...I was just feeling sorry for myself. :)
Truth be told, we are so blessed to have these little ones in our lives!! I tell my husband, I was with them all day and at the end of the day, I still think they are so adorable.

Yours are too!

Deb said...

When they get potting soil on top of a 6 foot book shelf then they are contenders with my mess makers. Granted I am though with that stage I hope now that they are 12 and 10. You seem to handle it with much more grace than I ever did. I did not see them as cute those days! LOL

Stacia said...

Love that boy! I really think all the memories start running together or it's part of the Lord's way of making us forget so that we won't have just one kid.

I seriously think you are the best for taking pictures of all the messes they do and that Chandler is a CUTIE!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and sweet stories. Your posts make me stop and think about the joys of Motherhood - thank you :)

Ana said...

I need to remember to take more pictures of the messes they make. Because if it's not funny in the moment, it usually is later! And, oh my, how quickly we do forget!