Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The one thing I love about having post-toddler aged kids is the conversations. To hear them tell full imaginary stories. Chance was making up a story recently that had me almost in tears. But since we were on the road, I had to rely on my dilapidated memory to relay the story later... and it failed. :( So tonight in the car, once again cute things were said and this time I tried my best to memorize it all.

Chance says, "How 'bout my name could be Cheese-Ance?" to which Chandler responds with his newest word: "Chance! Cheese! Chance!"

The Big Kindergartner

This is what Charlie would name his pets if he ever got them:

a dog: Bolt
a hamster: Zap (once again, lightning themed)
a cat: Mr Froggy
a woodpecker: pecker (poor woodpecker, you know his fellow woodpeckers would have a hayday with that one!)

Often when Chance tells stories, if they're not funny enough, he'll sprinkle in some "poopy" words and expect more laughter. Ahhh, boys....

Yet another expression

During the day today, Chance got put in time out. Afterwards he said, "Mommy I wish you were a little girl so you could get put in time out." LOL (Could my time out include a nap? Oh boy, that would be so nice...I mean, uh, terrible.)

Chandler has been loving the rain we've been getting lately. "Aining! Sh-ou-side!" So I gave in to his request and let him play in it the other day:


And a few days ago, Charlie was playing outside with his stuffed kitten, and he pretended the kitten was beating him up. Only problem was, he pretended a little too well, and came in covered in scratches from rolling in mulch. Ouch!

The little kitty won

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