Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chuck's Birthday

Chuck has had a couple of bad birthdays. One year while attending UT Austin he had his truck broken into for the third time...on his birthday. Then there was of course, the day planes crashed into the World Trade Center. That was all sorts of awful. We didn't even celebrate his birthday that year. It just didn't seem appropriate as we were mourning this great tragedy for our country.

But I keep reminding him that he came first on September 11th. Since 2002, I've wanted to make it a point that Chuck have a good birthday. I may not be able to control thieves and terrorists, but I can do my best to make his day special. So this year we were thrilled to have friends over for an evening of board games, and especially Chuck's sister Melanie and her family come to visit for the day.

Chuck got to enjoy some time with his sweet niece, Kaylie.
Chuck's Bday

Uncle Jason got to enjoy his rowdy nephew, Chance.
Chuck's Bday

Melanie and I enjoyed taking all 6 kids to Chik Fila since they were going stir crazy in the rainy weather.
Chuck's Bday

Melanie and her son Kaleb.
Chuck's Bday

Then we all got cake hangovers from the chocolate cake from Costco. Oh boy, those are good!

Happy Birthday, my love.

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Ana said...

Glad your hubby had a good b-day!! I so love that chocolate cake from Costco! :)