Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chance is a Pre K student now!

1st day of Pre K
Yep, I'm posting this one small because the quality is terrible. Please don't click on it. Your pupils will scream in horror.

So Chance has started Pre-K now. And he loves it! Mr Laid Back took it in stride and is very pumped to go school, albeit a different school than Big Brother goes to. He loves his class, and Mrs. Tammy, his teacher.

Chance meets his Pre K teacher

It's a bit ironic compared to last year that while Charlie's class had 7 girls and 3 boys, Chance's class has 8 boys and 2 girls! While I would've been concerned for Charlie as he tends to feed off "boy energy," it hasn't seemed to affect Chance much. I just like that Chance doesn't have many girls in his class to be mean to (simply because they're girls. He is such a boy!). But he enjoys school so much and showing us all the things he did each day.

Of course, he's still got his sense of humor. No jitters on the first day, as you can tell by this picture as we were walking in...
always the comedian.


Stacia said...

Do NOT post tiny pictures! Nobody cares silly girl. I can't believe how big Chance looks with his teacher. I'm glad he's loving school and I'm sure you're enjoying your quality time with Chandler.

Ana said...

Don't you just love OHC preschool! :) Glad Chance is enjoying it.

Kristi said...

Awww, he does look very laid back. Too cute! Way to go Chance!