Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chance is a Pre K student now!

1st day of Pre K
Yep, I'm posting this one small because the quality is terrible. Please don't click on it. Your pupils will scream in horror.

So Chance has started Pre-K now. And he loves it! Mr Laid Back took it in stride and is very pumped to go school, albeit a different school than Big Brother goes to. He loves his class, and Mrs. Tammy, his teacher.

Chance meets his Pre K teacher

It's a bit ironic compared to last year that while Charlie's class had 7 girls and 3 boys, Chance's class has 8 boys and 2 girls! While I would've been concerned for Charlie as he tends to feed off "boy energy," it hasn't seemed to affect Chance much. I just like that Chance doesn't have many girls in his class to be mean to (simply because they're girls. He is such a boy!). But he enjoys school so much and showing us all the things he did each day.

Of course, he's still got his sense of humor. No jitters on the first day, as you can tell by this picture as we were walking in...
always the comedian.

Chuck's Birthday

Chuck has had a couple of bad birthdays. One year while attending UT Austin he had his truck broken into for the third time...on his birthday. Then there was of course, the day planes crashed into the World Trade Center. That was all sorts of awful. We didn't even celebrate his birthday that year. It just didn't seem appropriate as we were mourning this great tragedy for our country.

But I keep reminding him that he came first on September 11th. Since 2002, I've wanted to make it a point that Chuck have a good birthday. I may not be able to control thieves and terrorists, but I can do my best to make his day special. So this year we were thrilled to have friends over for an evening of board games, and especially Chuck's sister Melanie and her family come to visit for the day.

Chuck got to enjoy some time with his sweet niece, Kaylie.
Chuck's Bday

Uncle Jason got to enjoy his rowdy nephew, Chance.
Chuck's Bday

Melanie and I enjoyed taking all 6 kids to Chik Fila since they were going stir crazy in the rainy weather.
Chuck's Bday

Melanie and her son Kaleb.
Chuck's Bday

Then we all got cake hangovers from the chocolate cake from Costco. Oh boy, those are good!

Happy Birthday, my love.

Preston's Birthday Party

Well, my main computer is down. RIP Toshiba laptop. Which means I can't process the photos from the last few weeks for another week (*Gasp Gasp* - that's me suffocating). However as I was looking back, I realized that there are things I should've blogged awhile back...

First up, Preston's birthday party. After 3 days of rain, we had some very cabin-feverish boys, so this party was just what the doctor ordered!

Here's the whole group:
Preston's Birthday Party

The kids had so much fun playing at the Y. When they got out the parachute, you know it had to be my kids that would rebel from staying on the outskirts, and would play under it instead.
Preston's Birthday Party

They also loved these little scooters (not only the kids, but some of the grown ups as well!)
Preston's Birthday Party

Preston's Birthday Party

Chuck caught some hoop shots.
Preston's Birthday Party

And here's his own hoop shot.
Preston's Birthday Party

Then we filled them up with cake, gave a minute to rest, and celebrate Preston. Then we let them go back at it again. Sounds like a perfect party to me!
Preston's Birthday Party

Preston's Birthday Party

Preston even decorated the goodie bags. How cool is that?
Preston's Birthday Party

Thanks, Thompson family, for inviting us!! Happy Birthday, Preston!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The one thing I love about having post-toddler aged kids is the conversations. To hear them tell full imaginary stories. Chance was making up a story recently that had me almost in tears. But since we were on the road, I had to rely on my dilapidated memory to relay the story later... and it failed. :( So tonight in the car, once again cute things were said and this time I tried my best to memorize it all.

Chance says, "How 'bout my name could be Cheese-Ance?" to which Chandler responds with his newest word: "Chance! Cheese! Chance!"

The Big Kindergartner

This is what Charlie would name his pets if he ever got them:

a dog: Bolt
a hamster: Zap (once again, lightning themed)
a cat: Mr Froggy
a woodpecker: pecker (poor woodpecker, you know his fellow woodpeckers would have a hayday with that one!)

Often when Chance tells stories, if they're not funny enough, he'll sprinkle in some "poopy" words and expect more laughter. Ahhh, boys....

Yet another expression

During the day today, Chance got put in time out. Afterwards he said, "Mommy I wish you were a little girl so you could get put in time out." LOL (Could my time out include a nap? Oh boy, that would be so nice...I mean, uh, terrible.)

Chandler has been loving the rain we've been getting lately. "Aining! Sh-ou-side!" So I gave in to his request and let him play in it the other day:


And a few days ago, Charlie was playing outside with his stuffed kitten, and he pretended the kitten was beating him up. Only problem was, he pretended a little too well, and came in covered in scratches from rolling in mulch. Ouch!

The little kitty won

Friday, September 18, 2009

Time Flies when you're...raising children!

As anyone who has had a child knows, they grow so fast. I was especially struck by this looking through our photos.

Two years ago this month:
Baby Bump

One year ago this month:
Spontaneous Shoot 8

This year:
Cutie Patootie

This reinforces my photography habit, big time. Gotta preserve these fleeting days as best I can, ya know?!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mess Maker

What to do with lunch?

Chuck and I often wonder if Chandler may be the biggest mess maker of them all. Truly, this child's creative curiosity is astounding.

But then I ran across a list from awhile back that I had started about another mess-making toddler. Maybe since I hadn't slept much since then, I couldn't remember just how messy the preceding mess makers were. Perhaps his brother could've given him a run for his money...
Here's the list:


~squirted the hand soap all over the couch and the bar.

~taken out the batteries of the remote and lost the battery cover.

~pulled all the paper out of the printer.

~Put his hand in the potty after making poopie. (Can I just saw "Eww! Boys are GROSS!!")

~stomped all over a box of cookies. (Or should I say "cookie crumbs"?)

~wadded up a bunch of new envelopes.

~took a book of printed pages and got them all out of order.

~got into the bandaids and stuck them all over himself and the bathroom. (Oh wait, I have a picture for this one:

This is what happens
And it's dated November 2008 - so less than a year ago!! Wow, my memory is shot.

This is what happens

~scattered the needles, pins and threads of my sewing kit around the house.

~Poured cinnamon all over the floor, himself, and his food.

This is what Happens

~Pushed Chuck's work laptop off of the couch and broke it. (Thank God for warranties!)

~Pulled a can of red creme soda off the counter, causing an explosion all over the kitchen.

So, I'm sorry, Chan Man. I don't know that I can dub you the greatest Mess Maker of them all.

What to do with lunch?

It's ok, bud. I'd rather dub you the cutest toddler of them all anyway...