Friday, August 14, 2009


Also during our trip we spent 4 days in Nederland, near my hometown, and where the majority of my family lives that is still there.

The boys got some Lego building time with Aunt Peggy.
Playing Legos with Aunt Peggy

Aunt Peggy and Uncle Mike have a new tv. I think the boys thought it was an IMAX.
It might as well be the IMAX

We went to lunch with my sisters and extended family. I was so happy that Dodie, my former step grandma came! Wish I would've gotten a better picture.
Sweet Dodie

Chandler did his part to give his Aunt Randi ("Aun Andi") some baby fever, since she's getting married in December.
Little charmer

Then Randi watched Chandler while we went out for dinner - and continued to work his charm. Ha! And Mari (Aunt Meme) watched the older boys. Thanks girls!!

The next day we checked out a Bounce place.
Bounce time

Bounce time

Bounce time

Bounce time

Chan tried to wear this helmet but it was a bit heavy...
Bounce time

That night the maternal side of my family got together for dinner. I LOVE this picture because you see how everyone is interacting. And I LOVE that my family will get together to visit like this. There's an aunt, an uncle, 2 cousins, a dear friend and her family, and many 2nd cousins here.
Family Reunion

My Mom, Granny, with my 2nd cousin Emily.
Family Reunion

2nd Cousins, Mecaela and her sister Kya, and Emily (on the left). Mecaela just returned from a 2 month mission trip to Florida...we had lots to talk about! Way to go, Mecaela!
Family Reunion

So we met up again the next morning at a nearby playground. (Mecaela with Kya)
My cousins

Charlie in the ropes at the playground.
Port Neches Park

Then we went back to Dodie's to visit. Aunt Stephanie and Charlie played "Go Fish"
Playing at Dodo's

Sunday we attended my sister Randi's church, then had lunch, swam and ate with Uncle Mike and Aunt Peggy, and headed back to Baytown. It was so great to see our family!!

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