Tuesday, August 4, 2009


There's a little town on the way between Houston and Galveston called Kemah. While it was struck hard by Ike last fall (as was this whole area), you couldn't tell one bit if you visited "The Kemah Boardwalk." It's truly a Boardwalk along the bay (of Galveston), with restaurants, shopping, and a permanent carnival, complete with rides, funnel cakes, cotton candy, and a roller coaster!

One night Granny took the boys (God bless her!!), and we had a date at Kemah.

We enjoyed a sunset view as we consumed an excellent seafood dinner.
Sunset at Kemah

Then we rode "The Century Wheel" which gave us a great view of the whole place.
Kemah Ferris Wheel

{Is it bad to add that we spent most of our time geeking out over our G1 phones that we bought at the beginning of the date? We finally stepped into this decade with a phone that does more than call people!!}

We had so much fun, so a few days later we went back with the kids, and my brother, Bubba, who I'd like to still consider a kid although he keeps acting all sixteen. What's up with that?!!

Moving on.

So here's the Century Wheel in daylight. Bright, Hot, 100 degree and 100% humid daylight.
The Kemah Boardwalk

Here are the boys enjoying the bright, hot, 100 degree Century Wheel.
The Kemah Boardwalk

One way to keep cool was the ride "The Aviator" which was a bunch of swings that went very high in the air. Charlie was a champ, didn't get scared at all!
The Kemah Boardwalk

There were lots of rides for the little ones, including a smaller Century Wheel.
The Kemah Boardwalk

The big boys on said ride:
The Kemah Boardwalk

Although it wasn't called "The Aviator," the boys also got to fly planes:
The Kemah Boardwalk

Riding the 2 story Carousel:
The Kemah Boardwalk

I have to tell this story...My brother was escorting Chance on this ride, when Chance told him "No, Bubba, you ride a horse too!" So there you have it, my "not a kid anymore" brother riding the carousel and being such a great sport about it!
The Kemah Boardwalk

Charlie preferred the dragon horse:
The Kemah Boardwalk

We also rode a train that was very similar to the one at the San Antonio zoo. Highly recommend that it. Here's my brother acting all sixteen...Chuck busted him texting on the train ride, ha!
The Kemah Boardwalk

After the train, we had dessert at the Aquarium restaurant. That was so fun for the boys. There was a LARGE tank with 3 sharks, 2 stingrays, an eel, an alligator gar, etc in the dining area. Another one I'd highly recommend. (Sorry no pics, I was chasing Chandler while he watched the tank the whole time.)

Then we let the boys cool down in the water feature:
The Kemah Boardwalk

The Kemah Boardwalk

And we ended our visit with a family photo shoot, thanks to that lovely sixteen year old we brought with us. Well done, Bubba! ;)

Family Pic!

Family Pic!


Unknown said...

Awesome shots; looks like you all had a great time!

Ana said...

Fantastic pictures! Fun times!

What kind of lens do you guys use?

Sarah J. said...

This just reminded me that I never posted any pictures from our trip to Kemah last summer. I wasn't sure how much of it had been rebuilt. We really enjoyed it, except it was just so hot! We fed the sting rays there too and I think that was the boys (and our) favorite part.

The pictures are great! Looks like you have been taking full advantage of your vacation. You're going to go into withdrawls when Chuck goes back to work!