Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun at Granny's

In addition to all the places we went to sight-see, we had a lot of in between time at Granny's. We had so much fun just hanging out, and we played lots of games. Farkle, Uno, Go Fish...we even taught Granny to play Catan, then she beat us all! Made me proud! ;)

One day Granny got the water hose out and had fun with the boys.
Fun at Granny's

Fun at Granny's

Most evenings we sat out and watched the moon rise on the bay (Granny lives on the Bay of Galveston).
moonrise on Galveston Bay

Fun at Granny's

The boys played with chalk on Granny's porch.
Chalk it up.

And they wrestled with Bubba...often.
Wrestle Mania

Chandler was elated to discover Granny had a dryer! (Aunt Randi looking on.)
Just checking out the laundry

Hosea grew accustomed to the madness that is 3 lil boys.
King of the Couch

We saw a REALLY big grasshopper.
A BIG Grasshopper

The boys played in the sand. (Major lens distortion here, can you tell?)
This is what it's like to have a lil bro.

Chandler loved the slide/ swing set.
Fun at Granny's

We found out that Aunt Randi and Charlie wear almost the same shoe size.
Big Feet or little feet?

Chandler enjoyed some watermelon with Aunt Meme.
Fun at Granny's

Fun at Granny's

Hosea quickly learned that Chandler was his ally when it came to table food.

We discovered an abandoned kitten. I cared for it for the last few days of our trip, then Granny adopted it.
Fun at Granny's

And this, my friends, is what grandsons will do to you - knock you out.
This is what grandkids will do to you.

We also went to McD's...the boys wanted a picture with their Happy Meal puppies.
Showing off our new puppies

And here's a shot from eating out at Chuy's. Oh man, I forgot how good the food is there! I've been craving their salsa ever since. Thankfully there are a few here in San Antonio!
Mmmm Chuy's!

And that's it!! Please, don't applaud. Hahaha. It was a great trip! And now to adjust to Chuck working away from home...and Charlie starting Kindergarten...and Chance starting Pre-K. Sigh. I'm so glad we got so much time together before all this time apart started!

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