Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BIG church

We attend a BIG church. As of in "mega" and "you know, one of those churches." I'll spare you the story about how I never thought a big church could be a good thing (then God called me to one and showed me how He uses churches both small and BIG). But this past Sunday, to launch a campaign to reach out neighbors for Jesus called "Bigger than You", our church met together for one service in one building, as opposed to several services on 3 campuses. We also had lots of visitors from other churches, etc. Here's one video that captures the essence of the service, which was the last 5 minutes of it.

and my favorite part, just before the first video:


Raena said...

It was so awesome! Thanks for letting me relive it again!

Mells said...

THanks for sharing this! It was GREAT and you could definitely feel GOD's presence in the AT&T center that morning! :)

Ana said...

Great videos! That service was so great...thanks for sharing!