Monday, July 6, 2009

The Hughes Family visits

So, I'm reaching out a bit and starting to blog about other people. We love it when we have friends visit, but I rarely blog about it because I figure they may be as uncomfortable as I am about having their picture up on my blog... But no more! We think our friends are beautiful, so they'll have to be ok with that, ha! ;) (Disclaimer - I would always remove any unflattering photo upon request, promise.)

So last week our friends Veronica and Josh came to visit with their two boys, Caleb and Ben. Caleb and Ben are exactly 9 months younger than Charlie and Chance. Luckily they broke the curse (or should I say blessing?) when Chandler was born. Although Veronica catches herself looking for their (imaginary) third child, so maybe Chandler will have a playmate someday! Right, V?

Here's their youngest, Benjamin:
The Hughes Family Visits

Isn't he a doll?!

And here are the big boys, waiting on lunch to arrive:
The Hughes Family Visits

Charlie LOVES it when he gets to see Caleb.

And the boys joined in as Josh tried out the Wii Fit:
The Hughes Family Visits

Josh & Veronica: Sorry I didn't get a group shot (I REALLY need to get better at that!). But thanks so much for coming to see us!! We love you guys!

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