Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Granny!

So not only was Saturday my brother's birthday, but yesterday was my mom's. She said it's her 11th anniversary of being 39.

Just before lunch we headed over to her bakery, and the boys enjoyed a tour. They especially liked turning on the big mixer and seeing garbage bins full of sugar. Then the bakery surprised Mom with a beautiful cake:

Mom's Bday cake

So after lunch we headed over to Starbucks for some drinks, and to celebrate:

Singing Happy Birthday

And then the boys had cake-hangovers:

Cake Overload

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Is it just me?

Or does Chandler...
Granny time!

have his Granny...
She's wrapped around his finger.

She's wrapped around his finger.

around his little...
She's wrapped around his finger.

{mess-making-toddler} finger?
She's wrapped around his finger.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Week 1 of Vacation

We arrived Saturday to the Baytown area to see my maternal side of the family. We were so happy to get here because: A. we haven't seen them in a long time, and B. because it meant we'd endured the packing and driving! ;) The first evening we spent with my mom, 2 sisters, and brother - all of Mom's kids and grandkids under one roof. It was Bubba's Birthday (my youngest sibling, my only brother, Adam), so here are a few pictures of him.

Yes, that's rain in the background. Woohooo! We almost forgot what that was like!!
Bubba time!

Chan Man was all smiles, as always.
Bubba time!

Charlie helped Bubba with the candles.
Happy Birthday Bubba!

And an unexpected joy is the pile of sand near Granny and Bubba's house.
Sand Adventures

Charlie's not too keen on the idea of Chandler being around to mess up his sand castles, or his hair for that matter.
This is what it's like to have a lil bro.

I have more photos to process, so more to come. Chuck is working this week, so we're not doing a whole lot besides visiting. Then he has 2 weeks off, which we'll use to go and sight see in the area. Then we're return home for Chuck to start a new job...back at Rackspace. He's elated, and we're thankful for this blessing from God!

Bibletimes Marketplace

This year was our first to participate in Bibletimes Marketplace (VBS) at our church. I am in awe of what an incredible experience it was...for the kids and the adults!! The entire church building was covered in butcher paper and decorated to look like Ancient Rome (circa 30-100 AD -ish). For the kids 4-6 years old, they were divided into the 12 tribes of Israel and went through each station as a family. The stations were: the barnyard, games, the underground church, Breadmaking, and a meal together in their tent. For the school aged kids, they were divided into cities and had even more stations to experience, such as "buying" things in the marketplace, leather-making, etc. There were also vignette skits happening spontaneously around the building the entire time.

But each night started with meeting all together for worship and a skit.

Bibletimes Marketplace

Kids aged 3 and under, that had parents volunteering in the Marketplace, got to attend in chariots. (If you view this real big you could see Chance and Chandler.)
Bibletimes Marketplace

We would start with standing and reciting the Shammah in Hebrew, then in English.
(Which was also our theme verse for the week "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.")
Bibletimes Marketplace

Then the worship team would lead us in singing.
Bibletimes Marketplace
{Singing "Great Big God." If you squint, you can see a really cute guy in the back, on the bass guitar. There's another cute lil guy doing some big motions in the bottom-center, too.}

Bibletimes Marketplace
{There, you can see the big cute guy a little closer.}

Then came the skits, which went thru the life of Paul.
This one is from the first night, when Paul receives his sight back after the Damascus Road experience.
Bibletimes Marketplace
{And a big kudos to our friend, Jeff Henderson, for memorizing a billion lines for the part... especially the third night, with the entire speech before King Agrippa!}

Then we'd have some tent time, and talk again about our story for the night.
Bibletimes Marketplace

Everyone was in costume, including the kids. I LOVED this little girl's headdress.
Bibletimes Marketplace

The kids learned firsthand what it was like to live in the beginning times of Christianity, and how it was not fun to be persecuted. Here, we're worshipping in the underground church in a cave (complete with a stone rolled over the doorway). If we heard Roman guards walk by we'd have to hush and wait. It was neat for the kids to see that being a Christian sometimes requires bravery. Also, makes us thankful to live in a country with freedom of religion!

Bibletimes Marketplace

The kids also learned what goes into making bread, doing a part of it each night.
Bibletimes Marketplace
{And yes, that's Charlie. The Mamarazzi spied on him while he was in his tribe.}

The third and final night we had a special service for the parents as well, and ended with a song about being the Light of the World.
Bibletimes Marketplace

Chandler, however, found this all very confusing. He couldn't figure out why we were all dressed up.
1st Century Thiers

And when I saw how hot it was, I was wondering why myself. ;)
Bibletimes Marketplace

But thank God for the Air Conditioning inside!! And the week was amazing. I can't wait for next year. God has really blessed us with a church that has an awesome children's ministry.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Play, Work, Coffee


Chance continues to shine as the most loquacious of my boys.

Case in point:

As we were talking to stranger the other day, the Man asked Chance "Do you play all day?"

Chance replied, "Yes, and my daddy works all day."

The man said, "I used to play all day, and now I work all day, too."

So Chance said, "Yeah, and my mommy drinks coffee."

Monday, July 6, 2009

Daddy time

One advantage to a holiday weekend? More Daddy time!

Daddy time

Daddy time

Daddy time

Super Why!

Watching superwhy!
(Chance's expression is because he didn't want me to take a picture.)

If you watch PBS with your kids, you may have seen Super Why! It's a cartoon about superheros who are learning to read, and the boys love it! So you can imagine how excited they were when I found 2 free podcasts! Here's the link. Enjoy!

The Hughes Family visits

So, I'm reaching out a bit and starting to blog about other people. We love it when we have friends visit, but I rarely blog about it because I figure they may be as uncomfortable as I am about having their picture up on my blog... But no more! We think our friends are beautiful, so they'll have to be ok with that, ha! ;) (Disclaimer - I would always remove any unflattering photo upon request, promise.)

So last week our friends Veronica and Josh came to visit with their two boys, Caleb and Ben. Caleb and Ben are exactly 9 months younger than Charlie and Chance. Luckily they broke the curse (or should I say blessing?) when Chandler was born. Although Veronica catches herself looking for their (imaginary) third child, so maybe Chandler will have a playmate someday! Right, V?

Here's their youngest, Benjamin:
The Hughes Family Visits

Isn't he a doll?!

And here are the big boys, waiting on lunch to arrive:
The Hughes Family Visits

Charlie LOVES it when he gets to see Caleb.

And the boys joined in as Josh tried out the Wii Fit:
The Hughes Family Visits

Josh & Veronica: Sorry I didn't get a group shot (I REALLY need to get better at that!). But thanks so much for coming to see us!! We love you guys!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When I tell him "No"

When I told Charlie "No" as a toddler...he would throw himself down and hit his head on the floor.

When I told Chance "No" as a toddler...he would wail.

When I tell Chandler "No", I get this expression:

Backyard Adventures

and this expression:

He's taking "haming it up" to an art form

And no lie, I told him "No" today, he looked me straight in the eye, and did this:

Such a ham

I am in so much trouble....