Saturday, June 13, 2009

Restful night FAIL

Yesterday was a normal, albeit busy, day. Got up, fed kids, did chores, the usual. So that evening when Chuck had a game night with some friends, I decided to take the boys swimming at the gym, then to McD's. A little Mommy date if you will. We swam for 1.5 hours, which always makes'em hungry...and then tired. I'd been tired all day, so I figured after McD's would come the pay off, get'em home, in bed, then I get to hit the hay.

So as I ordered the meal, I promised myself I would not get Dr. Pepper, because I plan on going to bed soon. As I scanned the options, I noticed the "Red Flash" soda so I asked a worker if the Red Flash had caffeine in it. Ya know, was it like normal Red Creme Soda or was it spiked with a truckload of caffeine like Big Red? They said it did NOT contain caffeine, so I chose that as my poison.

And poison it was.

I shared quite a bit with Chandler, thinking it was safe. Then I got'em home and put'em in bed, noticing that Chandler took longer than usual to get to sleep. And I laid in bed, on the computer, thinking, "Hmm, I'm just not tired. I guess I'll stay up til Chuck gets in." By the time Chuck came in around 12:30 AM, I was reading a book, still wide awake. Chandler had fussed off and on in his sleep, and shortly after he was fully awake and wailing. I went in his room, tried rocking him, tried laying down with him, only to realize he was just not tired.

We were both caffeine high. Lovely.

So finally after a snack, a bath and even a dose of benadryl (he really was way congested, I promise!), he and I both went back to bed around 2:30 AM.

The moral of this story - don't trust what people tell you at McDonald's, ha! ;)

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